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4th of July Round-Up

Since it was the fourth of July, and all of us at The Money Pit are ready to celebrate I thought I would do a quick round up of all our Red White and Blue projects we did this year. 
  If you are a regular reader some of these you may have seen before but there will be at least a few new ones! 

Nothing says "God bless America" like legumes. 

The stars and stripes burlap banner I put up outside:

On my front door I hung my memorial ribbon quilted wall hanging I made a few years ago. 

I will even throw in my red, white and blue teacher appreciation quilt I made this year.  Since it does seem patriotic:

There were quite a few projects to celebrate the good old USA this year.  So, on behalf of my family I want to wish you all:


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  1. So crafty and so cute! It was great to see you and hang. I hope your garage do-over for mom went well. ;)

  2. So festive! You really went all out and it looks great! :o)

  3. Love all the red white and Blue projects! You are one creative lady- loving your blog...following you everywhere now so i don't miss a beat!! :)


  4. THat little girl is so beautiful! She looks liek my daughter at that age, over here there wasn't another girl with that haircut, everyone else just let their daughters' hair grow and my sweetie really stood out with her supercute cut. I was also told several times that she looked like little Suri, even people in the shopping mall looked at me and said: Do you know your daughter looks like ...? At that time I did not even have an idea of who Suri was. ;)


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