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20 Fabulous Fall (Not Specifically Thanksgiving or Halloween) Mantels

20 fall not thanksgiving or halloween mantels
20 Beautiful mantels for fall that are not thanksgiving or halloween

I love fun holiday mantels, but I know not everyone has time to change out their theme every few weeks.  In the early fall, you can put up an autumn inspired mantelscape and it can last all the way until Christmas as long as you don't focus on a Thanksgiving or Halloween theme.

So today I have 20 gorgeous mantel ideas that are GENERIC fall, and NOT a more specific holiday.  No turkeys, no spiderwebs no "Give Thanks" wording.    Just leaves and pumpkins and all around prettiness.
We'll kick it off with Adventure's in Decorating's fall mantel, that was so gorgeous, even Better Homes and Gardens had to feature it:

Plywood Candy Corn (Free Scroll or Jig Saw Pattern)

Make your own oversized candy corn out of plywood with either a scroll or jig saw. A super fast and easy project, and with so many uses!
It is always fun to get into the woodshop and create some super fast and easy seasonal projects.  For this upcoming halloween I was looking for a project idea that I could use in place of a regular old wreath on the front door. 

These oversized plywood candy corn cutouts are a great project since the cut lines are so simple and you can make a whole bunch in no time. 

LEGO Table from Two Tier End Table

Lego play center DIY table
A lego play center with brick and instruction book storage along with two levels of play areas.  A great way to transform a on end table!
I’m so excited about this project, not only because my kids love it, but also because it is part of this month’s power tool challenge.  The theme is REPURPOSE this month.

 My entry is this end table repurposed into a LEGO play center. The plastic bin which houses the legos pops out for easy clean up and the little drawer in the table is the perfect place to store building instructions.  Everything in arm’s reach for the best experience!
 Side Table Lego center
For more inspiration, the ladies of the Power Tool Challenge also have some awesome entries:
My Love 2 Create Repurposed Shutter Desk
My Repurposed Life DIY Doll/ Dog Bed

So how did my project come together?   Well, it started with this 10$ thrift store find.  
Ten dollar thrift store table
And turned into this all in one play center.
Lego play center DIY table
The lower level features a large 15x15 LEGO plate building area.
Lego Side TableWhile the user level has a smaller play area, perfect for holding mini figures or precious builds, along with a large pull out bin for loose legos. Built in lego storage on tableThe drawer is the perfect place to keep all the instruction booklet. Lego instructions storage drawer
Highly functional, self contained and compact.  My kind of end table!
Lego Table from Tiered Side TableTo transform it, I first removed the faux leather inserts.
Thrift store two level side table
Removing table top from end tableRemoving inset from end tableI replaced them with plywood (I used the pieces that came out as a template for perfect fit:)
Replacing leather inset in tableNext I sanded the entire thing down.
Replacing leather top on tableI used my Finish Max Ultra to paint this piece. IT was so fast and easy on all the curves. FinishMaxExtra with Behr paintPainting end table bluePainted two tier end tableWhen the paint was dry I used E6000 to glue the plates down.
Gluing lego plates to tableAnd here is the finished piece:Two level lego table with storage
Just add LEGOs and you won’t be able to pull your kids away! Two Level LEGO table

20 Sarcastic Cross Stitch Patterns (PG, PG-13 and R Rated)

20 snarky cross stitch patterns

20 sarcastic cross stitch patterns. Rated PG through Rated R.. some of these are FREAKING HILARIOUS!!

I have been having great time sharing sarcastic and snarky crafts on my Facebook page and some of my favorites have been simple cross stitch patterns.  

In order to keep track of all that sarcasm, I put together a list of my favorites, along with links to wear you can buy the patterns.  (Some are not actually available for purchase.. but most are.)   I have sorted them by JUST HOW OFFENSIVE they probably are.  So if you don’t like swear words or other risqué topics, I wouldn’t scroll down!

However, if you have a smart ass sense of humor like I do, I bet you get at least ONE good chuckle from one of these!  Check them out!  

If you are looking for less offensive embroidery ideas, you may like these projects instead.

Easy Embroidery Floss Tassels

Easy diy tassels from embroidery floss
Easy Embroidery Floss Tassels.  A single skein of embroidery thread is all it takes to make these cute tassels. Perfect for keychains, zipper pulls, home decor or even cell phone dangers.  SUPER EASY TO MAKE

I have seen these cute tassel keychains and cell phone danglers popping up in local stores and online, so I wanted to show you just how easy it is to make your own. Embroidery Floss Tassels can be made in almost ANY color, since there are limitless types and colors of floss.  Plus with the metallics and reflective polyester fibers you can get some gorgeous tassels. 
For my version I used the Radiant Treasures floss, which is polyester and reflects the light beautifully.  But you could also use standard Embroidery Floss or even the Light Effects/Metallic type which looks like spun metal.
Easy diy tassels from embroidery floss I made my tassels directly on jewelry Rings with claw clasps so they could be used as a keychain or zipper pull, but you could put them on standard rings if you wanted to use them in other ways.
How to make your own DIY embroidery floss tassel keychain. So easy and fast to do!
 You could also hand these tassels off a backpack or on a purse, or even use them in decorating.  Make them in holiday colors and turn them into Christmas ornaments.  They really are just that versatile.
DIY tassel zipper pull
Plus they come together in about 2 minutes.  YES.. they are seriously that fast.  I put together a video to show you exactly how quick they come together.
For those of you who prefer the step by steps with photos, keep reading! 


Jewelry Rings (with claw clasps)
Super Glue
Scissors (I obsessed with the non-stick teflon kind)
Standard Embroidery Floss or
Radiant Treasures Embroidery Floss (as seen in tutorial) or
Light Effects/Metallic Embroidery Floss


Step 1:
Pull out approximately 24 inches of floss from the skein and set aside.
Embroidery Floss metallic tassel
Step 2:
Slide the sleeve of the skein down to one end but don’t remove it completely. How to made embroidery floss tassel
Step 3:
Slide the ring over the sleeve on the skein.
Making tassel keychain from thread
Step 4:
Slide the ring off the sleeve and into the center of the skein. You can remove the sleeve at this point. Metallic embroidery floss tassels
Step 5:
Fold the skein in half on the ring. You want to make sure you have lined up both ends, since that is the bottom of your soon to be tassel. Using embroidery thread to make tasselsStep 6:
Take the extra 24 inches of floss and wrap it around the very top of the tassel, just below the ring. You want to make it as tight as you can. Easy DIY tassel keychain
Step 7:
Tie off with a square knot. Again, you would like this to be as tight as possible so the tassel doesn’t loosen up. DIY tassels how to makeStep 8:
Apply a tiny drop of super glue to the knot. This is to keep it from unwrapping, especially once you trim the ends.  Allow to dry completely. Tying tassels so they don t frayStep 9:
Trim the ends of the knot. You can use a needle to push the knot up and under the wrapped thread to hide it. Making your own tassels from threadStep 10:
Cut the loops apart, making sure you have them as even as possible.
DIY embroidery floss tasselsStep 11:
Hold the loose ends in a closed fist and cut them off even with a sharp scissors.Trimming ends of diy tassels
This will make a little bit of a mess. How to make your own tassels
Now you just need to fluff the tassel and separate the floss into it’s individual threads.  This gives it fullness and makes it look really expensive. Silver metallic embroidery floss tassel
This is such a fast and easy project, that looks a lot more complicated than it really is.   You could make a bunch of tassels in no time!

"It is Great to Be Eight" Birthday Treats

Great to be 8 donut treat topper
It is great to be eight, free printable treat toppers. Make figure 8's out of mini donuts!  A great favor or school treat idea for 8 year old birthdays!
When my oldest daughter turned eight (a few years ago now) we needed a quick and easy favor to bring to school for her classmates.   I originally got the idea for a little "8" made out of donuts from Kendra of Me and My Insanity. We didn't want an entire party with an 'Eight is Great!' theme, but the favors were perfect.

We'll Always Have Love and Laundry

Love and laundry gold printable
They say there are only two sure things in life: Death and Taxes, but I disagree.  In our house there are at least two more sure things: Love and Laundry.

If you have children in your household, you know the struggle that is laundry day.  It seems as though once you get through one load of laundry, the next is already sitting there waiting to be washed. In our house, the clean clothes don’t make it out of the laundry basket, let alone put away properly.

Replacement Window 101: Which Windows Are Right For Me?

Replacement windowsThe seven things you need to know about replacement windows
The summer after moving into our house, we immediately knew we had a problem with temperature regulation in the rooms on the front side of the building (which happen to be the kids’ bedrooms). During the heat of the day the sun would shine directly into the windows and because those rooms are located above the garage, they would heat up like an oven.  No amount of air conditioning blasted into that space was going to keep those rooms cool.

40523750 1We knew needed to do something to better insulate those front rooms and the first thing we thought of was replacing the windows.
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