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Wonder Woman Dresser: A Rast Hack

A wonder woman rast hack? So cute! She painted the drawers with the wonder woman logo and colors. So easy, would be perfect in a little superhero bedroom!
A wonder woman rast hack? So cute! She painted the drawers with the wonder woman logo and colors. So easy, would be perfect in a little superhero bedroom!Today’s post is a super fun one, since it doesn’t fall into your typical “painted furniture” category.  I mean, sure, it is painted furniture, but not something you’d typically see in Better Homes and Gardens.  This is a little more unusual than that.. since it involves my favorite super hero! Now I know this piece wouldn’t be right for everyone, but that was the point of it.  I wanted to do something a little more fun.

I was asked to participate in this month’s Rast Hack Challenge, sponsored by Hickory Hardware and PPG Voice of Color and I was provided with this three drawer Rast dresser (from Ikea.) I could do ANYTHING to it I wanted.. my very own Rast Hack.  Rast dresser before
There are TONS of Rast Hacks out there, heck, this pinterest board alone has over 400 versions, and many of them achieve the goal of making a inexpensive piece of furniture look expensive, but not a SINGLE ONE has anything to do with Wonder Woman!

I also have Part 2 in this series, where I created a matching Wonder Woman Jewelry Organizer using Hickory Hardware cabinet knobs, and you will want to check that post out too:

For my dresser hack, the first thing I did was remove the original hardware and filled the holes with wood filler.
Filling holes in wooden dresser
I made sure I liked the color and scale by creating a mock up in Photoshop.  (This was based on a coffee cup design I really liked.)
Wonder Woman Dresser Mock UP
Next I designed some stencils on my computer and imported them into my Silhouette Cameo software. Creating painting stencil on Silhouette CameoI then headed over to my nearest Pittsburgh Paint distributor and ordered a quart of the following colors:
Red: Burnt Red
White: Gypsum
Black: Black Magic
Yellow: Acorn Squash
Blue: Electric Blue
Pittsburgh paints voice of color Manor Hall
I didn’t need to prime since Manor Hall interior is paint and primer in one! Painting drawers of Rast DresserThe first thing I painted was the solid background colors.
Wonder Woman Painted Rast Hack SuppliesHere is what the three drawers looked like before stenciling:Painted dresser drawers justice leagueI didn’t paint the black outlines. Instead I cut permanent vinyl decals.  Because the decals are so large, you want to use rolls of permanent vinyl and not sheets. Adding black sticker outline to dresserThe stencils themselves are cut from contact paper/shelf liner, since it is less sticky than vinyl and won’t damage the fresh paint.  This type just happens to be wood grained. Painting stencil from contact paperThe coverage was really great, even with the yellow over the red. It only took two coats. Stenciling dresser with super heroesI didn't use transfer tape to apply the decals, although you could. I just peeled it up and laid it down by hand to make sure to cover the seam between the paint colors. Painted dresser with vinyl sticker outline
I knew I didn’t want to do anything else to the dresser except paint it.  I could have added legs or cut it up or something else, but I decided to let the graphic design speak for itself, and left the rest of the dresser as is. I just assembled it and pushed the drawers in.
Assembling Rast Dresser after painting
I was so excited with how it came out.  PPG Voice of Color Dresser Makeover It would be the perfect thing in a little girl’s (or boy’s) super hero themed bedroom. Superhero painted dresserEven up close it looks really great.
Vinyl Outline on Painted Stars
I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with it, probably use it in the garage, since I’m not sure I could give it up to my kids! Super Hero Wonder Woman Girls DresserAnd mom loves Wonder Woman too!
Wonder woman three drawer dresser
I’d like to thank Hickory Hardware and PPG Voice of Color for giving me this opportunity.  If you would like to see more Rast Hacks from other bloggers, you can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter Under:  @hickoryhardware  @voiceofcolorWonder Woman Painted Dresser Rast Hack

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