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Halloween House Tour

 Halloween House tour where she decorates with things that can be easily changed to use after Halloween is over 
I’ve never teamed up with any other bloggers to do a holiday house tour, so I’m probably a tad too excited about this!

Today I’m taking you though my house and showing you how I decked it out for Halloween this year.  At the end of the post are the other awesome ladies who on this house tour with me.. be sure to visit them as well, we all have very different styles and you are sure to find something you love! 

I am not actually a super hard-core Halloween decorator, but I like to use fall vignettes with a Halloween spin that can easily be converted to Thanksgiving vignettes come November.

Let’s start with my favorite place to decorate.. My family room mantel:
Halloween mantel
I have previously shared how I made and hung those silhouette plates, and I wanted to take the black and white look and not add a whole lot more.  Since the wall and mantel are white, additional white accessories won’t show up, so decided on chrome, black and orange.   I have to admit, I really really LOVE this mantel.
Halloween owl pumpkin
The pumpkins, owl and other silver accessories can easily be re-used for Thanksgiving:Silver and orange mantel
Silver black orange mantel
Silver mirror pumpkins
Only the banner and plates scream “Halloween”:
Halloween garland
Silver and black mantel
Next to the fireplace is a built in bookcase, and I tried to carry the silver orange and black them over there as well:
Halloween bookcase
So of course I got out my golf trophy turned chalkboard:
Halloween shelves
I also used this space to feature some of my dollar store pumpkin creations including the crepe paper tufted one and the spider one:  
Ceramic jackolanterns
The other mantel in the house (in the Living Room) remains mostly unchanged.  Since the autumn harvest theme fits halloween as well, I decided to leave it (again, it can carry me all the way through thanksgiving if It want it to)

Actualy, that isn’t 100% true.. there a slight change.. can you see it?Fall mantelYes, the swag is different, but look on the very very far right.. Can you see it?

My kids threw their hat in the ring with Halloween Decorating:
Lego skeleton mantel
I didn’t have the heart to take him down.. he is kinda Halloween-esque.

While I”m at it, I’ll share the other spaces in the house the kids decorated. I told them I would include them in the tour, so here they are.  The play kitchen:
Kids decorating
I like how the witch is taking a bath in the sink!   And the kitchen island:
Ghosts on bookshelfThe little mason jar ghost was a girl scout project my 7 year old made.  There is a little LED tea light inside so it can glow at night.  She is pretty proud of it.

Finally, on the bathroom door we hung the dollar store placement pumpkin:
Okay.. back to the rest of my home tour: 

In the dining room I also decorated for the Halloween to Thanksgiving transition:  The table centerpiece is nothing more than glittered pumpkins.  (I don’t do full tablescapes since the dining room table gets used so frequently for crafts and homework.. maybe one day..)
Pumpkin centerpiece
 I added two real pumpkins to each end of the table as well. The leaves are actually christmas tree ornaments from the Martha Stewart line I found at home depot:
Pumpkin table centerpiece
On the sideboard I set up a little Halloween Vignette featuring my dollar store leaf topiary and a dollar store tray I personalized using my Silhouette:
Halloween tablescape
I reused some of my crows from last year’s mantel, and I found this great little bird cage at Home Good for $15 (the door was broken, but nothing A DIY’r couldn’t fix!) Halloween vignette
These are old olive oil and other jars I aged and added labels with my Silhouette.  (Come back Wednesday for the full tutorial):
Vintage potion bottles
This little witch is sentimental for me, my mom gave it to me on my first Halloween after getting married.  She has moved with me between 4 states, 8 houses and for 15 halloweens.  
Witch and crow
Halloween fall vignette
On the other side of the room I have my large collection of real and fake gourds.  I plan on using them for Thanksgiving, but by adding the cobweb and giant spiders, they definitely feel more like Halloween:
Spider web covered pumpkins
If you look close you can see the wood slice, burlap and twine, and washi tape pumpkins mixed in with the real ones.

Here is the room in it’s entirety.  (Remember, I live in a townhouse, so there are no windows on the interior rooms.  That large mirror at the end of the table does a pretty good job mimicking one):
Halloween dining room
I have shared my outdoor spaces with you before and it isn’t really changed:  I left the front entry the same, with my candy corn pom poms to greet the trick or treaters, and my hand painted beadboard Halloween sign:
And the fall front porch also didn’t change much:
I may throw some pumpkins out there eventually, but with the 100 degree heat, they won’t last until Halloween if I put them out there too early.

And that concludes the whirlwind tour!  I’m so glad I was able to share my Halloween House with you. 

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