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Halloween 2013: Merida and Mary Poppins (Jolly Holiday)

I can't believe it is already Halloween!  I thought I would share a few quick pictures of the kids and their costumes.

If you don't recognize her, E is Mary Poppins:

Not "Spoon Full of Sugar" Mary Poppins, but "Jolly Holiday" Mary Poppins (Where she dances with Burt and some penguins in an animated world):

It is a homemade costume made from a sheer long sleeve shirt I found at Target and about $15 worth of tule, costume stain and some trims.  I sewed a large ruffle, lace and red ribbon onto the blouse and I made the cumberbund from scratch using the make-it love-it tutorial here.  We found the hat at goodwill and added the tule and old dried flowers I had laying around.

It isn't perfect, and we never got around to making the boot covers, but it is obvious it is Mary!

J wanted to be Merida from Brave when she saw this costume at Costco.  Typically I like to make costumes, not buy them, but she loved it.. and it included the wig.  It was only $13.99 and I couldn't make it from scratch for that

Baby J's costume also came from Costco. It is Carter's brand and was on sale for $12. He isn't going trick or treating, but I wanted something to put him in for when we walked around all the other Halloween activities (Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Festival etc.)  Since the weather was cool, I picked up this cuddly lion outfit and he seems to love it.

   I hope everyone has a great Halloween! 
May only the best types of candy end up in your trick-or-treat bag and stay safe!

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