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TheKimSixFix Media Kit

With over a quarter million monthly page views, more than 20,000 email subscribers and a social media reach of nearly 170,000 followers,  Kim can offer your brand the kind of social proof and engagement that you cannot get through other advertising avenues! 

About The Kim Six Fix:

TheKimSixFix.com is a home improvement and crafting blog written exclusively by Kim, a former research scientist who off-tracked to stay at home with her children in 2010.  She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.  Her focus is on creating beautiful things on a small budget.

Areas of Focus :

Awards and Features: 

Kim's work has been seen all over the internet and in print.  Her main goal is to create UNIQUE and ORIGINAL content that has not been created before.

Media Kit: 

Click HERE to download a printable PDF (last updated Nov 2017)

TheKimSixFix.com is a DIY, home improvement, and craft blog focusing on budget-friendly projects for a wide range of skill sets.

I inspire and encourage my readers to try new things by offering a wide variety of content. From large-scale home renovations to kid-friendly craft projects, recipes, and homemaking tips, there is something for every­one.

Services I provide:

Sponsored posts
Social media campaigns 
Conference sponsorship
Sidebar advertising
Newsletter advertising

I do NOT accept guests posts or paid follow link insertion. 

Examples of some recent highly successful branded campaigns:

Sponsored Posts with Video Content:  
Sponsored Posts: 
Social Media Awareness Campaigns:

I'm more than just a blogger. 

I have dedicated time and effort into developing relationships with followers off the blog. I bring my sense of humor and silly personality to light on social media, while keeping my blogging platform professional and educational. My followers trust me and look to me for encouragement and advice-which is the ultimate goal of an online influencer.

Beyond the Blog: Social Media Influence.


Girls with Power Tools: 8400
Snarky Crafter : 700 (brand new channel)

Twitter: 30,500
Google+: 1,600
Pinterest: 60,000
YouTube:  700 (110,000+ views)

My audience is mostly female readers in North America, mainly between the ages of 25-55.

What makes me different?  

My readers and followers are segregated by interest.  I have dedicated social media channels for DIY/home improvement and separate ones for crafts.  I also have split my email list into specific interest groups.

Email Subscribers:  26,100
DIY subscribers:  16,000 (50% open rate)
Craft subscribers:  8000 (40% open rate)

Other targeted interest groups include: 

Woodworkers/Builders (~1000)
Homeowners (~3000)
Silhouette/Cricut machine owners (~2000)

Moms (~4200)
Girl Scout Leaders 

By niching down my content to only the groups that are the most interest, it means my readership is highly targeted and engaged.  I can deliver your brands' message to the entire group or to only the most receptive and interested group of followers who have a PROVEN INTEREST in that type of content. 

The Kim Six Fix Sub-brands:  

In addition to the umbrella "The Kim Six Fix" brand I also have two social media brands to more efficiently deliver the best content to my followers based on their interests.

 "Girls With Power Tools" which focused mainly on DIY, Home Improvement and Woodworking.

Which also has an associated women's DIY and woodworking group:

"Snarky Crafter" is the crafting, sewing and fiber arts side of the Kim Six Fix brand.  The main focus is the humorous side of crafting. 


If you are interested in partnering up, please contact me by email to discuss your needs.  Rates vary by campaign.

Contact Information:
email: bloggeradmin [at] thekimsixfix.com
snail mail: PO Box 1091 Danville, CA 94526

Product Reviews:
I will infrequently participate in paid product reviews however this will always be indicated in the post itself (labeled as a "sponsored post").  I more often will accept shipment of complimentary, DIY, crafting and home improvement content relevant products for my honest evaluation and review.   All product reviews will include a full disclosure that the item was complimentary in accordance to the Federal Trade Commission’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”

If a product is shipped to me, I cannot guarantee I will review it.  Because I will only give my honest opinion about a product, I will NEVER write a positive review for a product I don't like.  Instead of writing negative reviews I will refuse to write about my experiences with it.  On the other hand if I like a product, I will be more than happy to share my positive thoughts about it ! You will be given advance notice of your product’s review.

If you would like me to send you more information about my blog and audience, please email me: bloggeradmin [at] thekimsixfix.com

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