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Victorian Paper Fan Medallion Oranaments

Traditional Victorian Paper Medallion Ornaments
This year I have decided to have a “Golden Age of Queen Victoria” styled Christmas tree, since when else is more appropriate to go over-the-top than Christmas?

I’m going to use a mix of modern store bought ornaments along with the more traditional candles and feathers and paper ornaments.  Paper ornaments were really common in the late ninetieth century.  Originally made from newspaper scraps and magazine clippings, paper ornaments became more and more ornate to reflect the baroque influence on the Victorians.
Gold victorian decorated tree

It is so easy to make gorgeous authentic feeling replica ornaments nowadays since there is such a wide variety of scrapbook papers available.  As part of this month’s create and share challenge, I thought I would show you how I made these simple folder paper fan medallions.   With the addition of traditional ornate buttons and glitter they came out in perfect Victorian style.

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Victorian Paper Fan Medallion Ornaments


12x12 Scrapbook Paper
Paper Cutter
White Glue
Paper Clips
Victorian Buttons (there are tons of choices on Amazon)
Glitter (Martha makes great glitter)
Victorian scrapbook paper

Step 1:

Cut a single 12x12 sheet of Scrapbook paper in half (so each piece is 6x12)
Cutting victorian scrapbook paper

Step 2:

Stack the halves and accordion fold from short end.   Folds should be about ½ inch wide.
Folded scrapbook paperStacking the paper insures that both sides of the medallion are even.

Step 3:

Crease along the center in the opposite directions of the original accordion folds, forming two “fans.”
Folding paper fans

Step 4:

On one half of the inside fold, place a line of glue along the uncreased side and fold closed forming a fan.
Gluing paper pinwheels for medallions

You may need paper clips to hold the ends in place while it dries.  Repeat with the other half of the paper.
Scrapbook paper victorian fans

Step 5 (Optional):

You can clip the ends of the fold into a curve or point or other shape to give you medallions a more polished look.  You can also leave them uncut if you prefer.

Step 6:

Glue the two fans together using the same technique of running a bead of glue on the uncreased (back) side of one fan and paper clipping both halves together.
Gluing paper pinwheels

Step 7:

Once the blue has dried add a bead of glue to the center of the front of the medallion and add a button or small trinket.
Gluing folded paper pinwheel

Step 8 (Optional):

Once the glue has dried, run a thin bead of glue around the outside edge of your medallion and sprinkle with glitter.
Glittered paper medallion
You want to do this only once your medallion is complete since doing it before the fan is held open will make it difficult to prevent the folds from folding down on each other (and on the glue.)
Folder paper fan medallions
Now your gorgeous medallions are ready for the tree; the perfect traditional Victorian addition.  You can completely change the look and feel of your ornaments with a different scrapbook paper selection.  And inexpensive, easy and flexible craft that anyone can do.  And in less than 10 minutes
Victorian Fan Pinwheel Ornaments

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