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Fall Ribbon Garland

Hi KimSix fans! I am thrilled to be back sharing another project with you today! I'm Deborah from Salvage Sister & Mister. I blog with my husband, he's the brawn, to assist others in salvaging their time, money, resources, and moments for their best life. We would love to connect with you if you feel overwhelmed, feel constrained by finances, want to use more of what you already have, and/or don't feel like your living the life you want to live.  

Today's project is~

Fall Ribbon Garland

Do you have leftover ribbon? This DIy project is a great reuse for it ~ fall ribbon garland. It's super easy and can be made for any occassion. Plus, its a grea way to recycle or upcycle all those extra ribbons lying around.  

There's always that one person.  

That one person who, when opening presents, carefully tries not to rip the wrapping paper and then carefully folds it to use it again. The same person collecting all the gift bags at Christmas to use again the following year. The person who saves the bows and ribbons.  

Well I am that person. #noshameinmygame  

Now, I have been known to tear wrapping paper, I'm not a total killjoy, but I do try to save what I have. I believe it's important to make the best use with what I have been given.  

Because of this, I own a rather large collection of ribbon which I keep in a glass jar in my craft area.
jar of ribbon garland 
Pardon the dust!

Whenever I need a ribbon I can usually find what I am looking for. Another benefit is that I can remember a lot of the gifts that went with them. It's like a walk down memory lane.....
"Oh, this ribbon was from my Instagram friend."
"These are the ribbons from my son's graduation party. "

To put some of these ribbons to use, I wanted to make a FALL RIBBON GARLAND.

The great thing about this project is......you can use whatever colors to match the celebration. And if you don't collect ribbons like I do, you can easily make this with cheap ribbon, that you find on clearance or yarn. I am kind of quirky, so I like having different lengths. If you prefer all one length just tie your ribbons on and then cut them all the same. I also enjoy texture, but again this is customizable to your liking. This is embarrassingly simple.........  

Supplies *Amazon affiliate links used to see like or exact products used.
Take one medium thick ribbon the length of your desired garland. I found the center by folding the ribbon in half. 
I then tie one ribbon to the center. 
Next take a piece and tie to where you want it to stop on both ends. 
Now fill it in by tying remaining ribbons. You can slide the ribbons closer together or further apart as desired.  
After you have tied all your ribbon, you can attach your garland with tape, tie it, or push pins to attach it to where you want to hang it from. You can also attach it to a hula-hoop for a different look.  
When you are all done with the garland, you can slide the ribbons off and use them again for another project or gift. Do you save ribbons from packages? This DIY Fall Ribbon Garland is grea to use those up. Even if you don't have a stock pile of ribbon, this is a great craft for kids and makes lovely party decor. It's super simple and quick to make and very little supplies needed which makes for little waste.  
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Thanks again to Kim for the opportunity to share this with you all!

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