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Easy Painted Geometric Metallic Backsplash

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Geometric Metallic Stenciled BacksplashWhile visiting my mom this summer, she asked me to help her update her pantry/laundry room. She wanted to make it a little more modern and fun. The room itself was pretty nondescript, with grey-green walls and cream glazed cabinets.
Pantry beforeBecause this is a laundry room and not a common space, she wanted to try something a little more unusual than her traditional Cape Cod/Farmhouse style.  She had the idea to use metallic paints to add a little sparkle to the backsplash over her wooden counter.  And in order to make it feel modern we decided that a random geometric pattern would be fun.  She also liked the idea of using semi-transparent tape and layering the design, and that is exactly what we did.

I knew we could easily achieve exactly what she wanted using metallic craft paint and FrogTape® brand painter’s tape.

Stenciling Supplies with Frog Tape
Custom Painted Metallic Backsplash

Time: 1 Day
Difficulty:  Easy
Stenciling or Foam Brush
Metallic Paint (we used gold, silver and copper)
FrogTape® Multi Surface
FrogTape® Delicate Surfaces
T-square or ruler

The first thing we needed to do was figure out how the metallic colors looked when layered on each other, and on the wall color.   I took a large piece of craft paper and painted the wall color on. Once it dried, I painted stripes with each of the metallic craft paints. Testing color of paintAfter those we dry we added another set of stripes in the perpendicular direction.  This gave us a sample swatch of every color with every color both on top and on the bottom.  Using this test pattern, we were able to decide on exactly how we wanted to layer the painted shapes on the wall.
Testing out Paint transparency
Using a level and a t-square we measured out squares and rectangles in a pattern that we liked.  We wanted it to be random.  The bottom-most squares were taped off with FrogTape® Multi-Surface and the upper-most squares were cut out of paper and taped to the wall to give us a vision of the layout. Laying out stencil pattern on wallNext we went through (and referring to our paint chart we made earlier) we marked out which color we wanted in which square. Figuring out Stencil ColorsUsing the applicator I spongued on the paint.  (I didn’t roll it on or paint it with a brush since I wanted it to be a very thin layer so it would be transparent and subtle.
Stenciling wall with frog tapeWe allowed those squares to dry completely.Using frog tape for stenciled wallThanks to FrogTapes PaintBlock® technology the paint lines were SUPER crisp.  We had no paint bleed which would have ruined the geometric effect. Sharp paint lines with frog tapeNext we needed to add the top color blocks. For this step we used FrogTape® Delicate Surface.  Since this was only craft paint, it was freshly painted and it had a shiny finish, we wanted tape that wouldn’t damage it.  Stenciling over fresh paintIt worked like charm.  The final color blocks looked perfect! Metallic squares as backsplashMy mom was really happy with how it came out. A little fun and funky finish in her laundry room, and as you walk by the sheen catches the light.   So long boring backsplash! Laundry Room afterVisit their website for more FrogTape® painting inspiration or follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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