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Easy Googly Eye Valentines

Free Googly Eye Valentine PrintableI’m still working on school Valentines with my kids and so today I wanted to share this SUPER easy candy-free valentine idea that is still ‘cool’ enough for my 4th grader.  She didn’t want to do any of the little toys like we have done in previous years, but the idea of googly eyes was still okay with her.

I went to the dollar store and bought a bag of random googly eyes (it was $1 for 125 eyes.. which makes this a super affordable idea for large classes (We needed to make 35 of them!)  Then I created the little cards in photoshop for us to attach the eyes to:
Printable googly eyes
I’ve made this unwatermarked file available for download (enter your email below) but please use it only for your personal use.  Do not alter or reproduce it for resale.

I printed them the cards on cardstock
Google eye valentine
And cut them down with my paper cutter. I also cut a red piece of cardstock for the back, but it would have been just as cute without it. Cutting valentines on paper cutter
We used white school glue to add the eyes (the kids actually liked this part.. they mixed and matched different eye sizes and changed the placement to make each of the faces look a little different).
Gluing on google eyes to valentineSuper fast and easy.  Which is great when you have to do a lot of them in one sitting.Valentines with googly eyesAnd they are definitely happy little guys to look at! I m googly for you valentineGoogly eye valentines

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