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Daydreaming About My Master Bedroom Floors

This post brought to you by Tarkett NA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I mentioned before that one of my big goals for 2014 was to finally tackle my master bedroom.   It has it’s fair share of quirks, mostly with layout and lack of straight walls.  I have some ideas about what I want to do with it, but the best way for me to see if my ideas make sense is to combine them all in a virtual room layout.

Right now I am starting with a blank slate (a really really blank slate):
Master bedroom
From flooring to wall color to furniture placement, all the elements in a room need to blend together in order to end up with a successful design.

My room currently has golden orangey oak flooring. I would love to explore some other options, such as Tarkett’s FiberFloor® or Luxury Vinyl Tile products.  With much better durability compared to traditional hardwoods, they would be a great option if I could just decide what color scheme I want.
Fortunately TarkettNA offers an online way to Visualize your room at RoomVue.

If you aren’t even sure where to start, they make it easy for you by providing you multiple options of pre-assembled color schemes so you can find a design palette that suits your style(iSelect). They also provide a large photo gallery with lots of inspiration if you are having trouble coming up with it on your own.

Best of all, if you aren’t sure of your design,you can chat online with professional Designers who are there to answer any questions you may have about the design, flooring options and product details.

In my case, I am considering light colored built in woodwork, with dark stained furniture.  To make those features pop I think the “Champagne Celebrations” collection would be my top choice.. I’m a sucker for gray.
 photo Champagne_Celebrations_zps0de51385.jpg
But I am also a big fan of the Fireside Chats collection.  The textures of the natural materials are beautiful:
 photo FiresideChats_zpsc10b68fb.jpg
I didn’t want to use that previous photo of the empty room since I won’t get an idea of how the furniture will contrast with the floor, and my current furniture is a very light pine color (which I am planning on changing to dark) so I uploaded a photo of the bedroom with the previous owner’s furniture from the MLS listing.  This is the opposite side of the room, if you are confused about the orientation.

Granted, the furniture isn’t exactly my style, but the colors are close:
Next I went in and added the suggested floor covering form the Champange Celebration’s Palette:
Light floors
I didn’t love it.  I was actually surprised. I thought I would, but visualizing it was a huge eye opener!

So instead of using the light colors of the Champagne Celebrations collection I tried the options from Fireside Chats:
Medium floors
Once again, the light flooring wasn’t my thing..

Then I thought I would try a totally different look with luxury vinyl:
Tile floors
Ack!  Not warm enough for a bedroom!  So next I decided to switch gears and try the darker options:
Dark floors
Once I realized how much I liked the dark flooring, I starting considering the baseboard and wall colors (you can see them in the lower right hand side of the photo).  Here are white baseboards with gray walls:
Dark floors plus gray
Light gray baseboards with beige walls:
 Dark floors plus brown
Or my personal favorite: Light gray baseboards with dark brown walls:
Dark floors plus dark

It was a design revelation.  Not at all what I originally thought I would like.

That is the beauty of using a design tool like RoomVue.  You get to try all the options with no risk.   If you are interested in the iSelect pre-selected color palette system, Tarkett has put together this video which goes into more detail about each option:
And if you fall in love with a certain floor design, you can find your closest Tarkett Flooring distribution (there over 10,000 retailers nation wide) here.   And of course, you vsn follow Tarkett on FacebookTarkett on Pinterest and Tarkett on Twitter.

So, what do you think about my dark walls with dark floor color scheme?

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  1. That is really neat!!! We are planning to buy a house sometime in the next 2 years. I love this and will be using it in the future!!!

  2. Cool tool, and I really like the colour scheme! I can't wait to see the transformation!


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