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Valentine's Day Mantle 2014

Well.. it is that time again.  MANTLE TIME!  I have had a couple people ask me on Facebook if I go crazy and change the decorations in my whole house every time I change my mantle.

The answer is a resounding NO!

For bigger holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter) I do more decorating, but for the smaller holidays (Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, Fourth of July) I only do a mantle and maybe a front door wreath.

This year, for Valentine's Day, I was inspired by Cristina's wonderful 2013 mantle (although this year's mantle is pretty kick butt too!) 
(This image isn't Pinnable.. please Pin from original source linked above)
I loved the simple bright red and bright white.  So I came up with my own red and white version:

My favorite part of the whole thing are these little 'milk bottles':
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I spend at least a few minutes of every day at my local Starbucks.  I am a coffee junkie.  And to supplement my love of all things mocha, I drink these bottled frappucinos that I get from Costco. 

They are so cute that I decided to fix them up by adding foam letters to them:

And spray painting them ballet slipper pink (by Krylon.)  Here they are when they were still drying (which is why they are sitting on post it notes): 

The other project I incorporated was some paint chip art (re-using my paint chip heart garland) in some thrift store frames.

I picked up these two of these (admittedly) FUGLY frames at Savers, and I snapped them up because:
1. They were brand new.
2. They were a matched set.
3. They were only $2.  I figured I could just use the glass for something even if the frames themselves were useless. However, for this project I only used the frames and saved the glass for something else.

In order to make them more appropriate for the mantle, I painted them cherry red:

The garlands are just taped on with scotch tape:

Here you can see how I used them in the vignette:  

I normally try to make my mantles symmetric, but this time I mixed it up a little.  And of course I used my new vellum garland (which I love more and more!)

Do you decorate for all the holidays too or just the big ones?

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  1. Love those Frappicino bottles. I'm headed over to find you on Instagram. Love your blog.

  2. When you demo the shower, do you have to shut off the water to the entire house? Or is there a shutoff valve in the shower behind the wall?

  3. No. I didn't replace any plumbing or the shower valve. The water was never off. If I had turned the handle, I wouldn't have gotten wet.. so I just didn't turn the handle! he he!

  4. Thanks Leslie. I've been saving them, just waiting for a reason to finally use them!

  5. Cristina@Remodelando la CasaJanuary 28, 2014 at 6:31 AM

    Hey Kim, Thanks for the shout outs, you're awesome! Well, your mantel is awesome too! I love the bottles and the garlands, another beautiful mantel my friend!
    Now, I'm just wondering how on earth you made that image no-pinnable? I think I need a tut on how to do that ;)

  6. Duh, got it. I was just over-thinking it :)

  7. So cute! I love the "milk" bottles from old Frappachino bottles! What a great idea!

  8. Hi Kim! I love your mantle! It is awesome! Christina always has great mantles, you picked my fav, great taste! Thank you so much for your super sweet comment on my closet makeover! Happy Valentine's day!


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