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Help Me Design My Kitchen!!

My previous post about staining my island cabinets has gotten the creative juices flowing! In the past I have shown you some of my other kitchen inspiration but it is time to make some hard and fast decisions.

Here is what my room looks like now:
  I already know I am going to change the color of the rest of the cabinets, but exactly HOW I am going to do that is a tougher decision. Thank goodness Benjamin Moore has a great "Paint your room" online tool.  You can upload your photo, and select different color schemes.  Here are the three options I am considering:

ONE: I could paint them ALL light.

It would look a lot like this:
Source: Better Homes & Gardens
Source Unknown
I have more examples of this color scheme on this previous post.

 TWO: I could stain them all to match the island.  
 I really like this look.  In fact I LOVE it, but there is only one small window in the kitchen, and that is a LOT of uninterrupted cabinets. I think it would feel like a cave. Although, maybe not. These examples are beautiful:
Source: Kiki's List
Source: My Design Dump
THREE: Light upper cabinets, dark lowers.  
 The mis-matched cabinet thing is pretty popular right now.  Here are some examples of this look:
Source: Housetweaking
Source: Houzz
Source: Sweet Something Design
So now you understand my dilemma.  They are all beautiful, but  I need to figure out which would work best in my space.
Which one do you like?  
One, two or three?

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  1. I like mismatched the best or all white. I think dark will make it too dark in the kitchen.

  2. I'm a huge fan of the all dark cabinets - more classic. I think the others are great choices, but since they are more trendy (especially the mismatched option) they might look dated quickly.

  3. Number three. It will make your kitchen warm. Go with your gut! Your island looks great! The room will lighten up if you paint the walls white, or a light color.

  4. I like the all white! Thanks for the benjamin Moore tip!

  5. You have a tough decision. I like that you could upload your room and see the results. I personally would not do the two tone.YES, popular now, but just a trend that may not look good in a year or two. I would go with the all white, that looked nice.

  6. all white! the kitchen looks brighter, and makes the dark island pop!

  7. Personally, I like the all white look. It is timeless and classic and it will brighten your kitchen. Although I love the dark look I think it would make your kitchen dark-especially if it is not on the sunny side of your home. Good luck...no matter what you do it will look great- xo Diana

  8. Although I have all black cabinets and kitchen island in my house, I really like ALL white cabinets surrounding your dark island. Look forward to the results no matter what you choose.

  9. I really like the dark cabinets, but I think you are right about the cave feeling. A different wall paint would fix that right up if you aren't too attached to the current paint color. If you are, better go with the white.

  10. Definitely all dark! Looks gorgeous!

  11. I like the all white version best, and it's really a lot like the BHG picture! If you add silver hardware, it will be perfect. I you can live without two of the cabinets, you could also remove two of them over the cooker and install the exhaust hood just like in that picture. Now all those cabinets cover so much of the wall.

  12. I love all of them! It will look good no matter what you do! I am visiting a little bit late from The Blog Hop but wanted to stop in and say hi! I am your newest follower! I blog over at http://www.garagesalesrus.blogspot.com/ I hope you will stop by and do the same. I have an awesome giveaway going on right now with a Circut Machine! I'd Love it if you would enter! Hope you have a great day!


  13. I think you have to go with your gut because everyone has their own opinion. Trendy is not usually a great option for something you have to sink money and time into. Then when you tire of it, you have another huge project on your hands to change it. That said...I like all white. Makes cooking more fun when you don't feel like you are in a cave.

  14. I'm sure you will make your space beautiful in the end. I happen to think kitchen two is really pretty.

  15. I think that since you like the dark cabinets, go for all dark, but remove some cabinets or just doors to create open shelving. If the walls and shelf backs are light, the kitchen wont look cave-like or too dark.

  16. In your kitchen the all dark looks too dark. Te other rooms were large, light and bright and could handle such dark cabinets. If you wanted the dark you would need to find other ways to bring light in (ceiling window?)
    The white looks clean and crisp and would go well with the dark island. In my own kitchen the cabinets are a pale green (can't change them). I added a dark island and it really works.
    the two tone looks wrong on your mocks yet looks ok on the examples. I agree that it is likely to be the quickest to date.

  17. Oh, I'm a sucker for all white!!!! I LOVE it!!!

  18. I think number one is my favorite...but I'm a sucker for all things white. In fact, I'm thinking about doing my cabinets white! I didn't know that you could "paint your room" online! I'm going to try that later tonight! :)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies

  19. all white - timeless and bright. You can always bring in an accent colour with accessories if it's too bland

  20. i vote white on top dark on bottom. however, i think the white on top only looks pretty when the walls are light too. i dont like the stark white with the beige ish wall color. good luck! let us know what you decide!

  21. Your current color scheme is so much like mine. I have the same floors, black countertops and my cabinets are a little lighter. I've been debating the pros and cons of your 3 choices for my space, too. I love black/dark, but I would have to add a lot of lighting (I only have one smallish window, too). I think white has more general appeal for resale, and I really like it, too, but there again, the lighting would need to be beefed up. I don't like the 2 different colors so much. Used to think it was really cool, but just not sure anymore . . . I think since you love the black island, you should go with that for our cabinets, add some lighting, and put in reflective surfaces wherever you can (ceiling, backsplash, etc.) It will be dramatic and classy!

  22. I love BLACK and white, but not the top bottom thing. Have you thought of black with one section white? You can see what I mean at my kitchen here: http://www.redheadcandecorate.com/4/post/2012/06/inspiration-cafe-week-3.html

    ~ Julie

    Good luck hun!!!

  23. I think the all white. Personally I like dark woods, but your oak flooring looks better with the white cabinets. The dark cabinets look better with cherry colored flooring IMO. The two tone will look outdated fast. It will look so much nicer/newer whichever you choose.

    1. Wanted to add... I think if you take some cabinet doors off and install glass with munions it would break up the large area of color and add interest.

  24. Such a hard decision!!!! Yikes. I am sure you know this, but painting cabinets white is such a chore! Oh my laws. I can't even tell you how sick I was of painting cabinets! LOL. I do love how the white makes your kitchen look brighter. Maybe do white on top and dark on bottom? Our bottoms are gray and it was a primer/paint in one and was a breeze to do in comparison to the white. But white looks clean and bright.

  25. hmmm...first, i love the rounded island with the open storage. second, i really like the all stained. yes, it does make it darker in there, but i think it has such a nice rich look. if you go mismatched, maybe not a white...to me that contrast in that space is too stark. maybe a grey or cream or something?

  26. I am into the dark colors but I think gray would be a great choice or even a distress look!

  27. While I am considering the mix match myself, I don't think it would look good with the style of cabinets you have chosen. You chose more of a classic look, and I feel the mix match is best for more modern styled cabinets.

    Therefore, I I would go with dark, hands down. It may make the Kitchen a bit darker, but you will make it up 10 fold in elegance (IMO). I put mocha colored in my previous house, and absolutely no regrets.


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