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School's out for Summer! Teacher Appreciation Gift

Next week is the last week of school in these parts, but because E's teacher has a job share, today was the last day for one of her teachers.

I decided to put together a gift basket of summer items and tried to keep it under $20:

I included an insulated tumbler ($5 - Home Goods)
Sunscreen ($5 w/$1 off coupon - WalMart)
Beach Towel ($5 - Big Lots)
Magazine ($1.99 - WalMart)
Green Tea Packets ($2 - WalMart)
 Basket ($1 - Dollar Store)
TOTAL: $19.99

We also included a hand drawn picture by E and a thank you card from me.
I printed a tag with the poem:
If you want a copy you can download it below:

Here is E with her "Friday Teacher."  She loved her gift basket.
It was a great year, and I can't believe it is over already!  
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  1. My mother is a teacher and I can tell you for a fact that this is the sort of year end gift teachers loves!! After you've been teaching for a while you sort of reach your lifetime capacity of "world's greatest teacher" mugs, shirts, pencil holders, etc. Seriously, this is the perfect teacher gift. Thoughtful, practical, and full of summer favorites. Good job

  2. That is so cute, I read about all these little teacher aprreciation gifts that are obviously given to many teachers in the US. Here, it is not a thing that we do, also we have complicated laws that forbid teachers to accept gifts like that... how stupid is that. Parents can give a teacher some flowers, but not a present like this. I wish they would at least sometimes mention that they appreciate my work, which is really hard sometimes...


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