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Board and Batten: Fit for Princesses

Remember what the girls' room looked like just 3 short weeks ago? 

Here is what it looks like now:

And the other side of the room:

 Ta daaa:

Both of the girls are sharing the room, so I gave them both their own dresser with personalized items on top.  E's dresser:

J's dresser:

One of the requests E had was to have a "mirror where I can play beauty shop" and so here is my answer to that.  It is actually a mirror I got on clearance at IKEA for $6.  It is actually attached to the wall and the ribbon is fake.  I secured it to the back with painters tape.

I also fixed the closet by pulling out the single shelf/bar and adding a closet maid system with double bars.  Baskets hold items like swimsuits, shoes and toys.

The other side of the closet has a bookshelf to hold the girls' library.

 And what princess room wouldn't be complete without Barbie's dream house?
I still am going to have a chandelier installed in the room, along with a pink ceiling fan, but that involves hiring an electrician so for now it is on hold.

Both girls really like it, although E requested that I paint the board and batten purple because "white is too boring."  Um, yeah.  Not gonna happen.

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  1. Hahahaha...I love her idea for purple! :D

  2. Impressive...when can we hire you out? HGTV needs to pick you up Kim!

  3. So cute!! My 4 year old is requesting that all her furniture be painted bright pink and purple. Yeah, not going to happen :)

  4. Oh Wow! That's a beautiful room!! I love the board and batten! and sure enough I have the same quilt!!;)

  5. I love it! Thinking of doing board and batten in upstairs hall too, so there's no way I could get away with doing in my 6 year old daughter's room. Hers is the last of the 3 kids to get redone this year. Did you see I tore out the carpet last week? She and all her crap have moved into my room temporarily. Will it ever end?


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