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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets

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Are you a fan of The Kim Six Fix on Facebook?  Well you should be!  

If you are, you would know that I recently brought home a bag of chocolate chips and forget them in the hot car.  Since they were no longer useable for cookies, I knew I had to re-purpose them somehow. (I am definitely too cheap to just throw them out!) 

I had some peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets from Costco (although I have seen them at other stores if you aren't looking to buy 5 pounds of them!) I knew that pretzels, peanut butter and milk chocolate were the perfect mix!

First I melted down the giant blob o' chocolate and dipped in the pretzel nuggets.

They came out as these adorable little chocolate pillows:

Lots and lots of little peanut butter pretzel filled pillows:

Since I had a ton of chocolate, I drizzled them to make them a little more fancy-smanchy:

And then a drizzle of white chocolate for good measure:

A few minutes in the fridge and there you have it:

Yum! Peanut butter, chocolate, pretzel goodness!

Sharing this tasty goodness at some of these parties. 

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