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Traditional Victorian Holiday Home Tour: Living and Dining Rooms

Traditional Victorian Holiday Home Tour
This year I couldn’t decide between two dramatically different styles of Christmas decor, so instead of giving one up, I decided I would just use both.  Today I’m going to share my living room and dining room, which are decorated in the over the top gold gilded style of the Victorian age. 

Gold victorian extravagant Christmas Tree

The tree is the highlight of the room, and it is packed to the gills with traditional gold ornaments.  I have real candles, feathers and of course, my paper medallions I shared earlier this month.  
Vintage gold french christmas tree

Peacock Feathers on Christms Tree
Under the tree is a collection of vintage (and vintage inspired) toys and gifts.  Since our family tree is in the family room, that is where we have been putting our actual gifts, so these are just decorative. 
Vintage Christmas Toys

Gold Victorian Christmas Tree
The mantel in this room features layers and layers of garland, and a turn of the century inspired art print I picked up at the thrift store for less than $5.  I found these fabulous fake candles, which I love the look of when they glow.  
Victorian Christmas mantel with fake candlesIn the spirit of Victorian decor, EVERYTHING is decked out with gold or silver bows. 
Christmas Lanterns with Gold bows
I featured my German Christmas pyramid collection on the coffee table. Yes, they aren’t English, but they feel extravagant on the table. 
German Christmas Pryamids
For a splash of color I have poinsettias lining the stairs.
Poinsettias on staircaseThe dining room is not as traditional as the living room, but is decked out in shining silver everywhere.
Silver Reindeer Centerpiece
I have used real cedar garlands throughout the whole space for a more authentic look. 
Cedar Garland and Stockings on Stairwell

Silver Christmas Decorations

Glittered Snowflake on Garland

Cedar garland on stair bannister
Finally, on the entryway wall I have started my Christmas card display.  I had this old mattress from when my preschooler moved to his big boy bed. I took all he padding off and hung the springs on the wall.
Christmas Card display from old mattress springs

Poinsettia with card display
 I have a little bowl of clothespins on the side table, and every time a new card comes in, we add it. 
Bed Springs Card display
This piece is a lot more vintage/rustic and not Victorian, but you will see when I share the second half of my home tour later next week, that it makes sense along with the family room decor which couldn’t be farther away from Victorian.
Victorian Gold Tree At Night
I love having both spaces with their own special style.  Come back next week and I”ll share the final half of my home tour! Simple Silver Christmas Dining Room

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