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Pottery Barn Inspired Gold Glittered Easter Banner

 I thought it was about time to decorate my mantel for Easter and so I was on the hunt for inspiration on the internet.  I found this cute banner on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it. 
You can find the original at Pottery Barn for $20, but there was really nothing to it.  It was only made of cardstock and glitter.. I was pretty sure I could come up with my own version, and that is just what I did.

Here is mine (which I think I nailed:)

I made the entire thing with my Silhouette Cameo.   First I cut out the scallops from heavy duty card stock:
Next I needed to add the glittered letters.  The easiest way would have been to use glittered vinyl, but I didn't have any (and it is a little expensive) so instead I decided to use REAL GLITTER

The key to getting perfect letting out of glitter.. is to stencil it on.  I even made a short 1 minute video tutorial to show you how I do it: 

For this specific project I cut out the letters and the dots.  I like the clear contact paper the best since it is low tack and comes off the cardstock easily:
I also made a cut line around the outside of the stencil in order to make it easy to line the letters up on the scallops. Also if you letters have white space in them (Like O or P or B) make sure you transfer over that part of the stencil!:

I've included the cut files for the stencils and the scallop blanks:

Next I paint on some white school glue (I have added a little water to make it go on more easily and so it doesn't clump up.)

Next sprinkle on the glitter.. be GENEROUS!

Carefully peel up the contact paper while the glue is still wet:

And then set your letters out to dry: 

To create the banner, I scored the top 1/2 inch of the scallops with a scissors (this gives you a clean fold line.) You can also do this with a scoring blade on a paper cutter (which is pretty awesome!), but I was too lazy to go find mine. 

I used a white ribbon (the Pottery Barn version uses a gold ribbon, but I didn't want the line to show.) I am a little bit addicted to Offray Spool of Ribbon.  I buy dozens of colors when it goes on sale.  I set the folded edge over the ribbon (so I could slide the letters)  You could glue them on permanently if you wanted to.

I think it is lovely. Especially considering I used less than 50 cents in supplies! 

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