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12 Awesome Star Wars Inspired Furniture Pieces

This is a totally random post because I was surfing around the internet looking at fun Star Wars stuff trying to come up with a gift idea for my husband.  I wanted to build some sort of furniture piece but I didn't know quite what.  We are both big Star Wars fans (here is the proof), and the more awesome furniture pieces I uncovered, the more I thought "Dang! This would be an awesome roundup for the blog! I should try to write one." 

And since there is no try.. only do or do not.. I did it. 

There really isn't much rhyme or reason to this collection. They are just all fantastic pieces of furniture inspired by Star Wars.  (I didn't include anything that was decor or accessories, that would be a whole other post).  They are things I thought were really cool, and some are handmade, some are pre-made furniture that is customized, and some are even currently commercially available.  But they are all AWESOME and clearly the force is strong with them. 

If you have (or know of) a Star Wars inspired furniture piece, I'd love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below or tag me on social media! 

Many of these images I found on sci-fi fan sites or social media and I did my absolute best to find the original source.  Some of the images were no longer available at the original source so I have linked to the generic site instead. 
Millennium Falcon Twin BedStar wars bed oFrom Pottery Barn Kids
 Boba Fett Dresser
Boba fett dresser

R2D2 Shelf
219e03aea94c64bb0987f2e6433ac471WoodCurve (Etsy)

AT-AT Shelf

Storm Trooper Adirondack Chairs
Il 570xN 605840109 46ad

 Han Solo in Carbonite DeskHan Carbonite Star Wars Furniture desk 1 1TomSpina Designs

At at bunk bed 4Derek Dutilly 

R2D2 Dresser/Changing Table
R2D2 dresserDoing it with Jamie

Empire Toy Box

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