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Crispy Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts

Crispy Parmesan Crusted Brussels Sprouts: An easy recipe since you par-bake the sprouts in the oven and finish them on the stove. No need to watch them they entire time. The crispy bread cumbs and salty cheese is a perfect addition to the soft savory Brussels Sprouts. #TheKimSixFix
I’ve share some brussels sprouts recipes before (a LOT of brussels sprouts recipes) but today’s is a good one!  Plus it is pretty easy.  You par-cook the sprouts in the oven first, and finish them in the pan so you don’t have to stand there and watch them the whole time.

Upgrade to Integrated USB Wall Outlets: It's Easy!

How to replace standard wall outlets with USB charging outlets. A great way to charge USB devices without giving up an outlet.
Earlier this week, I did a periscope broadcast of me replacing one of my standard two socket kitchen counter outlets with new USB integrated outlets.  The kind that have 2 outlets and 2 USB ports although there are lots of great versions on the market.

I know not a ton of people are on Periscope yet (and since those broadcasts only last 24 hours), I decided I would edit that video down and share it here as well:

20 Reuse Ideas for Dated Brass and Glass Chandeliers

20 Fantastic Ideas for what you can create out of those outdated 70s brass and glass chandeliers you always find at thrift stores.

When I was looking for repurposing ideas for my thrift store chandelier (that eventually became a terrarium) I uncovered a lot of great project ideas from super create bloggers.

I’m not talking about just spray painting the chandelier and using it as a chandelier but the ideas that totally transform the fixture to the point it isn't recognizable.

And since you always see these types of lights at thrift stores and re-use centers I thought I would share some of these great outside of the box ideas in one place.

DIY Terrarium from a Thrift Store Chandelier and Foil Tape

An 80s Brass and Plate Glass Chandelier gets a makeover. See the before and after on how to transform a dated light fixture into a West Elm inspired terrarium.

And don't miss these 20 other upcycle ideas:

You ever have one of those ideas that seems absurd at the time, but you try it anyways and it turns out to actually work?!  Well this is one of those projects for me.  I am so surprised with just how much I love the final product!
An 80s Brass and Plate Glass Chandelier gets a makeover. See the before and after on how to transform a dated light fixture into a West Elm inspired terrarium.I created these two little geometric terrariums with nothing more than an old 80s chandelier and some foil tape used for sealing A/C ductwork.
Succulent terrarium
An 80s Brass and Plate Glass Chandelier gets a makeover. See the before and after on how to transform a dated light fixture into a West Elm inspired terrarium.
So, the story behind this makeover, goes something like this:

Upcycled Coffee Cup Planter or Organizer

What can you do with extra coffee mugs?  Turn them into this adorable wall hanging.  Organize office supplies, toiletries, kitchen utensils.. or even turn into a planter for succulents or herbs.
If you are like me, you probably have a large collection of coffee mugs.  I know that I’m not the only one with too many mugs, based on the huge numbers of coffee cups I see at thrift stores.  I try to only keep mugs that have a special meaning to me, but I am constantly stumbling onto new coffee mugs.
For example, I just got this pretty cool coffee mug at Facebook (I even instagrammed about it), and as much as I like it, I just don’t have room in the cupboard:
IMG 4223
But since I don’t want to part with my favorite mugs, so I came up with this great little craft to repurpose them, instead of getting rid of them.

Tuna Croquettes with Lemon-Dill Yogurt

Tuna croquettes with lemon dill yogurtA pantry staple, canned Tuna has become relegated to lunch boxes and noodle casseroles.  But Tuna is an inexpensive, heart healthy protein source that has the potential to become so much more. 

Composite Weather Resistant Bench (AZEK, MiraTEK, Trex)

Weather resistant board bench
Today’s project is one I worked on when I was visiting my parents at their lake house.  If you don’t remember, last summer we fixed up the boat house with a new paint job, and by finishing off the window trim.  This summer my mom wanted me to build a simple bench for out front so that we would have somewhere to sit near the dock without having to walk all the way back up to the back porch of the main house.
I’m super excited about this project because it was a completely custom build based on my mom’s specific needs.. and it is also the FIRST PLAN I HAVE INCLUDED THE FULL CONSTRUCTION PLAN DIAGRAMS!!  (A skill I learned from Ana White at Haven!!)

Easy DIY Boat Personalization (Transom Decals)

DIY Boat Custom Transom DecalsIf you have been following me on Instagram, you've probably realized that I’m on vacation at my parent’s lake house (or at least I was last week.. I’m heading home today.)  And of course, like any good DIY’r I can’t just relax while on vacation. I have to keep myself busy with little projects.
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