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Pregnancy Survival Kit (Mom-to-be Gift Basket)

Recently my second grader's teacher announced she was expecting her first baby.  My seven year old couldn't be more delighted! She considers herself a "baby expert" since she has so much experience with her new baby brother.  

Originally we were going to get her teacher a baby gift but because it was so early in her pregnancy, we decided to assemble all the "must haves" for any pregnant lady!

We made a shopping list and headed to the grocery store to pick up some essentials for any expecting mom.  

Some of the items we picked up were:
Ginger Ale
Saltine Crackers
Stretch Mark Cream
Baby gift thank you notes
Protein Bars
Pregnancy Magazines

Some other ideas for things you could include:
Ginger/Lemon Candy (Preggie Pops, Lemon Drops)
Baby Laundry Detergent
Hand lotion
Pregnancy/Peppermint/Decaf Tea
Parenting/Pregnancy Books
Heating Pad or Rice Sock (for cramps/back pain)

And of course you can't forget the..
Pickles and Ice Cream:
Because you obviously can't include real ice cream in the basket, I picked up a $10 gift card for Cold Stone Creamery, and attached to the pickle jar.

I had a large basket that I spray painted green (you could do pink or blue if you knew the gender) and added all my goodies.

I attached a baby rattle to the handle and added a big pink and blue bow:

So it was clear why I was giving her a random basket of groceries, I added a "Pregnancy Survival Kit" gift tag:

Finally, I asked my daughter to write a note to her teacher, and this is what she came up with:
If you can't see it, it reads:
 "Dear Mrs. XXXX,
You are going to be a good mom like you are a good nice teacher."

Awww.  That melted my heart. And summed up my sentiments exactly!

My fingers are crossed that her teacher has a easy, uneventful pregnancy and hopefully this basket will help!

If you have any other ideas for things to include in a "Pregnancy Survival Kit" feel free to leave them in the comments. 

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