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Turning White Appliances into Stainless Steel for $25!

When we moved in to The Money-Pit 2.0 it came with all white appliances.  We immediately bought a new fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher but it wasn't in the budget to upgrade the trash compactor. (Did you know trash compactors cost between $500 and $1200? All for your GARBAGE?!) 
Granted, the compactor had stainless steel trim and a black foot pedal, but the rest of her was shiny white!
Then one day I was browsing a linky party and I stumbled upon this post where Traci turned her white appliances into black and stainless with spray paint and SoftMetal film and I knew that was the answer. I bought 2 linear feet for a total cost of $25.80 (including shipping.) I bought my film here, although I am not specifically endorsing this company.
The install was a breeze.  I used a couple of putty knives and a texture knock-down knife (aka a squeegee).  You wet down the surface, apply the film, smooth out the bubbles and then trim it down with a razor blade.  This is what I ended up with:
I was AMAZED with how real the stainless steel looked.  It actually was reflective and had fine honing lines in it.  
Once the film was all smoothed out, it looked nearly IDENTICAL to my authetic stainless dishwasher!
A fantastic $25 transformation!  I can save the $1175 for my next project! 

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