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Spring Daffodils from K-Cups

Kcup daffodil
Today I’m participating in Stephanie from Crafting In the Rain’s Craft Month from A-Z!

My letter is “K” which happens to be my favorite letter. And since my craft had to be based on that letter, of COURSE I decided to create a spring craft out of KCups.  (Yes, this is starting to become a regular feature with me!)  And I also had to incorporate some old pallet wood, since that is another thing I love to do.

For the background I cut the wood down on the chop saw:
Reclaimed pallet wood
And then stained it with some stain I had lying around:Stained pallet wood
Next I assembled into into a board using a few other scrap boards and my nail gun:Reclaimed pallet wood art
Next I took my KCups and spray painted them with yellow spray paint:Spray painting Kcups
Next I cut out some flower petals out of cardstock. I could have done this step with my Silhouette machine but my lazy girl genes kicked in and I just used a scissors.Cutting out cardstock daffodils
I bent the flower petals out to give me a more three dimensional look and laid them out on the board to get an arrangement I liked. Kcup daffodils
Next I cut some stems and leaves out of green vinyl and stuck them to the board (vinyl doesn’t stick well to the rough stained wood so I made sure to press it down really well)Adding vinyl flower stems
Finally I used hot glue to attach the card stock and the KCups to the board:Hot gluing paper flowers
I had left a space at the top of the boards so that I could add a message.
Origami KCup FlowerI thought “Hello Spring” was appropriate since it is only about a week away.
Kcup daffodils
I can’t wait to incorporate it into my spring mantel
Hello spring daffodil sign

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