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Matchbox Car Valentines (Free Printable)

Car ValentinesMatchbox Car Valentines Printables
It is time to start thinking about what sort of school valentine the kids want to hand out this year.  I didn’t want to spend more than $10 on them (for 30 cards) so I took the kids to the dollar store and told them to look around for something that they liked and that came with multiples in a package.

My kindergartener found these imitation matchbox cars and I knew we could come up with something to do with them.
Dollar store matchbox cars

A quick google search gave me some cute phrasing ideas and I created 4 versions to attach the cars to.
You make my heart raceYou Drive Me WildYou Auto Be My ValentineI ll Never Tire Of Your Friendship

I made sure the tire tracks were scaled pretty close to the width of the cars. Matchbox car valentein

After printing them out on card stock I used my paper cutter to cut them out (you could also make this a Silhouette print and cut file but since this was all straight lines I didn’t bother.) Cutting out valentines
A single piece of card stock didn’t feel sturdy enough to support the car’s weight so I cut an additional sheet of cardstock, just slightly larger than the print out. Cutting cardstock for valentinesI glued the layers together with a glue stick and then I needed to figure out how to attach the car:Gluing valentines togetherDouble stick foam squares! These worked perfectly!
Attaching matchbox car to valentine
I lined up the car on the tracks and pressed it down. Racecar valentine
The foam is thick enough to hold on the car and doesn’t show.  Plus it is strong enough that the cars didnt’ want to fall off, even when I propped them up and shook them around (since we know the kids are going to be rough on these when distributing them!)Race car valentine
Matchbox car valentines

I’ve made the full sized (non-watermarked) available for download by email.  You can fit 2 valentines on one sheet, and all four are different.
These are for personal use only.  Please don’t reproduce or distribute them!

These actually went together pretty quickly.  It took me less than 15 minutes to make about 10.  
Car Valentines

She can’t wait to hand them out! Car valentine

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