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Make Your Guests Feel At Home with A Gift Basket

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Houseguest Welcome BasketI am so excited that my parents are coming for a visit this month and in order to make their stay more enjoyable I thought I would assemble a welcome basket of items they may need.  You often hear of wedding and hotel guests getting little collections of essentials when they stay for a visit, so why not do that for people who stay in your home?

For my welcome basket I collected a few things I thought my parents would enjoy or possibly need:

What to include in guest gift basketThis included fresh laundered towels tied with a ribbon, toiletries (finally a good use for all those extra hotel samples that we have hanging around!) tissues, headache medicine, water a few snacks, some mints, a magazine and of course, a local tourist guide book (in this case San Francisco.)  Some other ideas to include would be chapstick, gum, antacid, feminine hygiene products, laundry detergent etc.

Arrange them nicely in a basket:
Guest basketThen I included a short note which also included the name of our wireless network and the password:
Guest wifi password note
To write the note I used a BIC Mark-It™ marker in #CloudNineGrey.  These markers are wonderful, with low odor and in a wide range of colors appropriate for any occasion.  You can get the booklet of merry marking and a coupon to start marking your very own!  The #BICMerryMarking possibilities are endless.
I added my note to the basket:
Adding note to gift basket
And now my basket was complete:
Guest Welcome Basket
You can just leave it on the bed or bedside table:
Guest gift basket
Your guests are sure to appreciate the special touch and feel right at home.   In this season of #BICMerryMarking I encourage everyone with houseguests to consider assembling a little basket like this.   I know Frugal Family Home, Eclectically Vintage, and I’m an Organizing Junkie all have their own versions.

 The only drawback is that after this 5-star treatment, your guests will never want to leave.
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