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Make spring vases from old spaghetti sauce jars

Hi guys! It’s Meg from GreenWith Decor back with a fun spring DIY project.

It’s still a bit chilly here in Wisconsin, but I’m willing spring to arrive with all of my spring decorating inside! I love using old glass bottles and jars for decor. In fact, my spring mantel this year was full of them!  

I wanted a little something for spring in our family room, too, so I rummaged through my jar stash to find a couple jars I could use as vases for spring flowers. Aren’t they perfect for spring?!  
Make spring vases from old spaghetti sauce jars. A great Easter DIY, these would look great as a spring centerpiece!

This is an easy tutorial you could use for any season of the year. I love switching out decor pieces each season, it always gets me excited for what’s next! Plus these jars are so little, they’d be easy to store for use year after year.

10 Reasons To Go Paperless

Get rid of paper clutter, get organized, save time, save money and save the environment.  There are at least 10 good reasons to go paperless and get online billing and bill pay.
This post brought to you by PG&E.

As a blogger it is no secret that I spend the vast majority of the day online. So it should come as no surprise that I also prefer to pay my bills online. Countless companies allow you to pay and manage your account online: Credit cards, energy companies, insurance, car payments, mortgages and student loans are all great examples of reoccurring bills that could be easily managed online.

Your monthly payment doesn't even have to be the same amount every month for online payments to work well. For example our Pacific Gas and Electric bill changes monthly based on usage, but we still pay online.
00639 Laptop Computer and Iphone 19 LR DSC7497
There are so many reasons that I prefer getting my account, billing and payment information online instead of with paper statements. From convenience to the environment, there are at least 10 good reasons to give up paper billing.

10 Reasons You Should Go Paperless:

Arashi (Pole Wrapping Shibori) Dyed Lampshade

How I created this DIY Shibori fabric and turned it into a beautiful lampshade.  The pattern was created with a pole wrapping technique

Today’s project is a crossover between a craft and home decor.  I was invited to create a Shibori project as part of the Create & Share challenge. Shibori is a modified form of tie dying, using indigo dyes.  I wanted to do something a little unexpected to I tackled a lampshade!
Shibori wrapping dye technique on lampshade
There were 6 other bloggers in the challenge and they came up with their own ideas for Shibori.  I also love how the actual pattern in the dye is different for everyone.

12 AMAZING Brunch Recipes

Easter Egg Garland with Tassels

Happy Spring, everyone! Steph at The Silly Pearl here with a little craft tutorial to use up some of those plastic Easter eggs - my Tassel Easter Egg Garland. Here's how to make one for yourself.

Pottery Barn Inspired Concrete Top Coffee Table

Industrial concrete coffee tableA modern industrial concrete and wood outdoor coffee table. Inspired by Pottery Barn. Save $1000 DIY your own!
It is my favorite post of the month!  The POWER TOOL CHALLENGE.. and this month, the prompt was "Home Decor" projects.  10 bloggers including myself came up with a new home dec project and there were some awesome ideas:

50 DIY and Woodworking Bloggers Share their First Project

50 bloggers share their first projects. Get inspired to try you hand at your first building project too!
50 bloggers share their first projects. Get inspired to try you hand at your first building project too!
Today’s post is my way of having a little heart to heart with you dear readers.  Consider it a pep talk of sorts. And along with it comes one little request. The one thing I hear from SO MANY people when they find out I write a blog is “Bloggers so talented! I’m so impressed with everything they do, but there is no way I could do it.”

So today I’m going to have to demand that you STOP SAYING THAT!  For one thing.. it just ins’t true.  I’m not saying that there aren’t amazingly talented bloggers out there.. that part is true, but stop saying that YOU can’t do what WE do.. since you can.  I believe that almost anyone can pull off a lot of the projects shared on our blogs; maybe not without a bit of practice, but just remember, we all started somewhere.  The blogger rebuilding her entire kitchen from the floor up, didn’t start with projects of that magnitude and that master woodworker working with $50/LF exotic wood was once building birdhouses out of pallets and whitewood.  You have to START somewhere if you want to get better.

Shameless Plug: If you are looking for a group of other female woodworkers (which can be less intimidating and condescending than some of the large male dominated Facebook woodworking groups) I recently set one up that you are welcome to join. 
Woman woodworkers

And as additional inspiration I asked dozens of DIY and woodworking bloggers to share their very FIRST project with me. The build or project that put them on the road to where they are now.  When you click though to any of these posts, make sure you also click over to their current projects, chances are you are going to see improvement.. more complex and difficult projects (plus I am betting their photos and blogging actually got better too!)  Many of them used other people’s plans in the beginning, and now are designing their own.  It all just demonstrates just how far we have come..

This was my first project on the blog was a simple bathroom update, where I replaced the vanity and medicine cabinet and painted the walls. I didn’t do all of it on my own, I hired out for many of the jobs, but it was my first real foray into home improvement.  I actually have revisited that post a few times, since it was a huge turning point in my self-confidence about working on my house.
Just remember, even the most talented and amazing building bloggers, were new DIY’rs once. The only difference between them, and someone who thinks they can’t do it.. is their willingness to try a project for the first time.

They jumped in, and so should you! 

So what were the first projects these bloggers tackled? 

DIY Easter Bunny Fabric Wreath

Hi, everyone! It's Pam from Clever Little Mouse with an Easter decor project to share with you.

Every year when I pull out my Easter decorations my son accuses me of having an obsession with bunny butts. I've put them on tote bags. I've put them on banners and pillow covers. And now I'm putting them on wreath. I can't help it - those little fluffy tails are just too cute!

Fabric Easter Bunny & Carrot Wreath Tutorial

When I started experimenting with ideas for this wreath I couldn't decide whether I wanted a ruffled version or a non-ruffled version, so I made both. And I'm sharing directions for both versions so you can make whichever one you like best.

Ultimate Recipe Challenge Tomato

Oversized Scrabble Tile Wall Art

Love You Wall Art
How to make, mount and frame oversized scrabble tiles to form wall art. Such a cute idea since you could spell out anything!
Today's post is a follow up to a project I did a while back for my Valentine's Day mantel.  I volunteered to make some wall art for a local woman's shelter and they specifically asked for something that would go in a child's nursery.  I wanted to reuse my "LOVE YOU" scrabble tiles, but knew they were a pain to hang individually since they each would need their own nail. 
So I decided to mount them and frame the as a single large pice of wall art.
DIY oversized scrabble tiles
I didn't want to buy a frame, I wanted to make the entire thing from scratch and on a tight budget, so this is how I did it.

$25 Per Week Challenge: Week 4 Results & Wrap Up

25 dollar per week budgeting challenge
RULES   ||   Week 1   ||   Week 2   ||   Week 3

We have finally come to the conclusion of this year's $25 Per Week Budgeting Challenge.   I had almost twice my original weekly budget thanks to my good fortune last week, so getting through the final week was pretty easy.

That didn't change the lessons I learned with this challenge, many of them the same as the original $20 per week challenge, but I did learn a few new things this go round.

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