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Give plain white dishtowels a new look with a little paint

Hi guys! Meg from Green With Decor here, and I’m excited to be back at The Kim Six Fix today. I have a fun DIY dishtowel project to share today.

I love white kitchens. When we renovated our kitchen a few years ago, we picked white cabinets, white counters and white backsplash. I love it and am still happy with our choices.

Plus it makes it easy to add pops of color to the space without worrying about anything not matching the white counters and cabinets. Big surprise, but most of my pops of color in the kitchen are green!

We needed some new dishtowels and after looking around, I decided to make my own.

Give plain white dishtowels a new look with a little paint. This is so cute, I want to do this for towels in our kitchen!

Tea Cup Planter

Tea Cup Planter In Kitchen

Hi there! It's Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable again and today, I am sharing a sweet tea cup
planter. Even though I'm not a big tea drinker, I have been obsessed with tea cups forever. I just adore their sweet shapes and delicate patterns.

I have been a collector for quite some time, but living in a tiny cottage, I don't really have a lot of space to show them off. So I use them whenever possible. I drink out of my cups to make the morning a bit more special, I use them as serving pieces when entertaining, I give them away as party favors, housewarming and hostess gifts.

DIY Headboard and Footboard with Beadboard and Nautical Light

We recently moved the three year old out of his crib and into a twin bed. I knew I wanted it to stay in the nautical theme of his nursery (I’ve shared the full reveal of his room before) and I wanted to add a light to it because all my kids love reading in bed.
This is what I ended up building and I’m so excited with how it turned out. Nautical inspired DIY headboard

100 Free Printable Project Ideas!

100 totally free printables and project ideasI know a lot of you really love printables.  From gift tags to cute artwork, teacher gifts, valentines, inspiration sayings, holiday decor, recipe cards.. there is a printable for every occassion. The worst part is when you find something you love on Pinterest and it turns out you have to BUY IT. Boo.. hiss.  (I mean, I love that people can make a living selling printables, but I'm too cheap to buy them!)

Homemade Montreal Seasoning

Hey y'all!  Mandee from The Kitchen Wife here, and like you I am well into the summer grilling season!  There's nothing like the smell of great BBQ wafting through the air.  All of those aromatic rubs and seasonings making our tummies long for the charred goodness.  There are endless options for marinades and spice blends in your local supermarket, but they can get a little pricey.  However, did you know that it's super easy to make your own at home?  YES!  With a few simple ingredients that many of you will already have in your pantry, you can have loads of delectable spice blends at your finger tips!  For today, let me share with you one of the most popular blends, my Homemade Montreal Seasoning.  

The herbs and spices used to make the homemade montreal seasoning blend in a moving bowl with the title above.

This classic Montreal Seasoning blend adds one heck-of-a flavor punch to any dish, and I know you're gonna love it, so...

Let's Get Started!

Backyard Patio Turned Outdoor Living Space

Bistro Table on back patio
I've blogged about my backyard many times before, but I've never officially finished it off and polished up the space.  Because our yard is so tiny I had to be very strategic about how I used it and what I included.   But recently I gave the back patio a HUGE makeover and I can't wait to share the results with you, I love it so much!

Since we have such perfect weather for indoor-outdoor living I decided to go with an outdoor living/dining space instead of something more causal like a fire pit or lounge chairs :
Patio before makeover

DIY Toddler Bed Rails from Pool Noodles

Easy DIY Pool Noodle Bed Rails
There isn’t much worse than transitioning your toddler out of their crib and into a ‘real' bed only to hear a “Thud!” in the middle of the night (usually immediately followed by a scared “Whaaa!!!!”)  It can be really difficult to keep a child safely on top of the mattress after having been in a crib their entire lives.

Right now we are in the middle of moving our 3 year old to his ‘big boy’ bed (You may remember I was lamenting what do with his old crib.  And then I finally decided.) Lucky for us, this isn’t our first rodeo. After converting three kids into their “big kid” beds I have learned a thing or two about keeping them from falling out.

DIY Sticky Note Holder Teacher Gift and Printable

It will be back to school before we know it so I thought I'd get a jump-start on teacher gifts. Usually I'll put together a bag full of supplies just for the teacher (such as dry erase markers, sticky notes, tissues, and wipes) but I also like to include something fun and handmade - but useful - for their classroom. This year I thought I'd make a sticky note holder teacher gift with a little clip to display a photo or memento. So for this tutorial, we're basically going to make a little box from scratch with some added features. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be making a bunch of these super quick. Plus I've created a printable gift tag to go with your gift!

Strawberry Pie (Easy Hand Pie Recipe): Ultimate Recipe Challenge

Easy Heart Shaped Strawberry Hand Pies
It is time for another Ultimate Recipe Challenge.  This month, the challenge ingredient was STRAWBERRIESURC Strawberry logo
My entry into this month’s challenge are these darling heart shaped Strawberry Hand Pies.   
Heart shaped strawberry hand pies
This is just one of 25+ awesome strawberry recipes, and you can find the rest at the end of this post!  URC Strawberry Recipes

Blue and White Painted $9 Thrift Store Desk Makeover

Blue and White Painted Desk Makeover
Facebook image desk makeover
If there ever is a project that deserves the old adage “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” it would be this one.    I originally stumbled on this solid wood desk at my thrift store for $9.  Yes! Only NINE dollars.
Desk beforeIt was solid wood, had a finished back and even the doors were dove tailed.  I immediately snapped it up.  The molding near the floor was scratched up and the top was slightly damaged, but I knew a little TLC could bring it back to life.

Industrial Style Laundry Room Storage from Dollar Store Plastic Bins

Pretty laundry room storage from dollar store plastic bins
I’m excited about today’s post because it is a pretty storage solution that is also practical and most of all, SAFE!   I’m working with the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) to spread the word on the importance of laundry room safety and today's post is important for anyone who has children at home and has laundry, which is pretty much one in the same!

Reversible Placemats & Coordinating Napkins

Hi everyone! It's Pam from Leaves & Stitches back with a tutorial for a simple set of reversible placemats and matching napkins.

Reversible fabric placemats with coordinating napkins

I have a small kitchen and limited storage space, so I love linens and gadgets that can do double duty. Reversible placemats are a great way to get multiple looks for your table without having to store stacks of placemats. I made these with two coordinating geometric prints in a soft grey fabric that can be used for everyday, but you could use seasonal fabrics or holiday prints to give yourself even more options for dressing up your table.
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