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Spray Paint Projects for Every Budget

Spray Paint projects for any budget

Today the girls on the All Things Creative Team are teaming up to bring you hundreds of project ideas using SPRAY PAINT.

This versatile darling of the DIY world is my go-to when it comes to inexpensive transformations.  I’ve done my fair share of painting projects, and spray paint is the type I use most.

It can seriously change ANYTHING.   Check out this list of hundreds of ideas!  You will find something you love. I promise!  

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Red, White and Blue Yogurt Berry Popsicles

Three Ingredient Red White and Blue Yogurt Berry Popsicles
There aren’t two things that go together much better than the Fourth of July and Popsicles.  Throw in the familiar flavor of berries and you have a trifecta of Summer!  
Raspberry blueberry yogurt popsicles
So today I am sharing how to make these SUPER EASY yogurt berry popsicles.

The funny TRUE STORY about how this recipe came about was that my 3 year old really wanted “Lightning McQueen Yogurt” (you know the kids’ yogurt in the stores with characters on the package) when we were in the grocery store one day.   Well, of course I should have known it wouldn’t matter what race car graced the packaging, he was NOT going to eat that yogurt.   I opened it and he took one bite and went with the “I don’t like dat!” reply that is ever too common these days.

So now I was stuck with a four-pack of yogurt he wasn’t going to eat.  HOWEVER.. here is the thing.. he eats frozen yogurt tubes ALL THE TIME. (You know the GoGurt type tubes, we happen to call them “squeezers” for some reason.)

Upcycled Mason Jar Terrarium

I am so happy to be here today showing you this easy upcycle Mason Jar Terrarium!

My name is Deborah, and I blog with my husband at Salvage Sister & Mister. Our mission is to assist you in salvaging your time, money, resources, and moments for your best life. One of the BIG ways we do that is upcycle projects, but we also cover family, food, and life. We love making the best with what we already have.

But I promised you a project, so on with the show.....
Turn a mason jar into this adorable succulent terrarium

How to Install A Pencil Tile Backsplash (And What It Costs)

How to Tile a Kitchen Backsplash
Back in 2012 when I madeover my kitchen, one of my favorite parts wasthe pencil tile backsplash.  A lot of people have complimented it when they see my kitchen for the first time, so I wanted to give you some details about it.  It is Golden Select Mediterranean Fusion.  It is made up of Turkish travertine, Spanish marble and glass.  It sells at Costco for $27.99 a box (which contain 5 sheets which are approximately 1 square foot each.)  However, when I was searching for tile during gym remodel they had an $8/box rebate which brought the price down to $19.99 a box or $4/sq foot!  You couldn't beat that price so I snapped up 10 boxes!

Imagine my surprise I saw this article in the Homes section of our paper.  It feels great to be right on trend especially on a tiny budget.  When I picked it out, I knew it was great tile, but I never thought of it as "high design." That makes me giggle.

DIY Fabric Paint Stenciled Placemats

Easy DIY Placemats

Hi there! I'm Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable and I'm so excited to be here today, sharing my super easy DIY stenciled placemats. Paint and fabric can warm up and personalize any room, combining the two is even better!

Drying Rack From An Old Crib Rail

Portable drying rack from old crib
I’m so excited it is finally Summer!  The kids are out of school and we’re able to slow down a little.  It also means that this month’s Power Tool Challenge, is all about SUMMER as well. Power Tool Challenge Team Summer Themed Projects

Frozen Treat Stand by My Love To Create

Red White And Blue Cornhole Game by Create And Babble

Drying Rack From Old Crib rail by The Kim Six Fix

Chair Spindle Wooden Garden Caddy by Interior Frugalista

Star Clothes Drying Rack by A Piece Of Rainbow

Farmhouse Bench Building Plans by Refresh Restyle

Vegetable Gathering Basket by Designs By Studio C

DIY Standing Towel Rack Tutorial by H2OBungalow

Reclaimed Wood Bookcase by Confessions of A Serial DIY’er

DIY Footstool by Virginia Sweet Pea

DIY Hose Hanger by My Repurposed Life

This month I came up with an upcycle for the old side of the baby’s crib, which we are no longer using.  (He is using the rest of the crib!)Old crib drop side upcycle

Finding Dory Hank the Octopus Stenciled Sign

Finding Dory Hank the Octopus Sign.

Earlier this week, I was invited to a pre-screening of Pixar's much awaited sequel to the animated classic Finding Nemo, Finding Dory.  I took my newly minted 7 year old with me since it was her birthday.

The movie was adorable. Since it has been 13 years since the original Nemo was released, there was a touch of nostalgia watching this new story.  All of our favorite characters were back, along with some amazing new ones.

30 Cake Stands I Would Buy Right Now (If I Needed More Cake Stands)

Cake Stands For Any Aesthetic.  Vintage, Rustic, Square, Glass, Round, Feminine.. you name it.  A gorgeous cake plate makes a great versatile decor item.
 So I have a small problem with cake stands.  Like I can’t see one in a thrift shop that I could turn down. I’ve talked about it before on Instagram.  Some women collect shoes, I collect places to hold cake.
Cake stands
But forget just cake!  They are just the most fun way of displaying pretty much anything.  My daughter turned 7 this weekend, I had to whip out my tiny little 6 inch cake stand to go with her tiny little 6 inch cake:
Birthday cake on cakestand
So which Cake Stands would I like to add to my collection next?

Southwest Quinoa Bowl

Hey y'all!  Mandee from The Kitchen Wife coming at you again from Wild Wonderful West Virginia!  Its summer, and bathing suit season is here.  If you are anything like me, you are trying to eat a little lighter and healthier.  But you don't have to give up filling and flavorful.  Take my Southwest Quinoa Bowl for example.

The protein and vitamin packed meal is perfect for a hearty lunch or a light dinner.  I know you are going to love it so...

Let's get started!

$3 Duncan Phyfe Style Harp Back Chair Makeover

On Monday I was postponing tackling my laundry and dirty dish pile by browsing around the thrift store.  On the bottom shelf, covered in a layer of dust I came across a REALLY beat up harp back chair that was priced at under three bucks.  

This style chair is also called a “Lyre Back chair" because of the greek inspired motif on the seat back. Famed American furniture maker, Duncan Phyfe made this style of chair very popular back in the 1800s.  “Real” harp back chairs from that time period can be worth thousands of dollars.  This is clearly a modern reproduction, probably from the 40s. It wasn’t marked, so I didn’t feel bad updating it.
Three dollar thrift store chairOriginal Phyfe chairs are almost always made out of red mahogany and even the reproductions tend to go with that look.  This chair clearly was clearly not mahogany. (If it were I'd have cut it up for a project like this!)   The scratches revealed a much lighter wood underneath.  Even though finish had deep scratches and the seat was damaged, I figured it was only three bucks.  If it didn’t work out I wasn’t out much.. less than a cup of my daily Starbucks, so I brought her home. Harp back thrift store chairIn the past two days I completely transformed it.  And she is so pretty now, I’ve decided to keep it and use it to replace my yuck-o office chair in my sewing studio.  (She no longer looks like a Duncan Phyfe piece, that is okay, since she never really was!)

Easy DIY Concrete Clock with Color Blocking

Color Blocked Concrete Clock Easy DIYOkay guys, I couldn’t resist the sirens song.. The call of concrete was just too strong and so, once again, I’m bringing you another fun DIY/Craft project out of my favorite composite material.   I just love working with the stuff, and using it for everyday items (instead of building.. I don’t know.. a sidewalk or something) just seems so much more fun!

Today’s project is this totally mod desk clock (I suppose you could hang it on the wall, but since we live in Earthquake territory, the idea of a cement block coming down on my head seems EXTREMELY unappealing). I thought I would guild the lily by jumping on the “dipped” trend and color blocking one side with a fun and funky color and this was also my first time playing with dyed concrete, so that was another awesome adventure.

Repurposed Dish Towel Grilling Apron

Grilling Apron - Dish Towel Repurpose | www.thekimsixfix.comHi guys! Alicia here again from Sew What Alicia! One of my favorite things to do is wander the aisles of Target looking for inspiration! I found these really fun dish towels and being that I already have WAY TOO MANY dish towels I bought them anyway!

I knew that I would repurpose them some way and since it is all the delicious grilling animals I decided a uni-sex grilling apron would be appropriate (I know that is a little twisted but that was my thinking!)

Grilling Apron - Dish Towel Repurpose | www.thekimsixfix.com

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