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Kids' Table and Chairs with Copper Dipped Legs

Copper dipped legs on table and chairs Gold and Baby Blue Table and Accessories
When you have multiple children, furniture that you use year after year can get really beat up.  In order to give new life to a piece, you can update kids' furniture with paint and a new style. Wooden table and chairs for kids
We bought this little wooden table for my older kids a few years ago, and even though they outgrew it, my youngest still uses it all the time. It is pretty banged up and could definitely use a refresh.

Kids wooden table beforeI needed something that would cover all the scratches, marks, and stains that this little piece had endured over the years. Target now carries a line of Devine Color by Valspar paints in a gorgeous array of colors in both regular wall paint as well as spray paint.
Paint at target
They also carry metallics and coordinating wallpapers. Pretty much everything you need for a makeover project.
Target paint supplies
You can find it in the home improvement area (it was near the tools in my store.)

I wanted to try the Devine Horizon color on this table and chairs.  It is a super light blue, perfect for my son.  I also wanted to make the table set a little more sophisticated so I thought paint dipping the legs in a metallic color would look great.  I used the Devine Metals paint in Devine Penny.
Valspar copper dipped and chalk paint
Copper paint dipped table
And once I had the table and chairs all painted up, I was able to perfectly accessorize the rest of the room with home decor items from the children’s section of Target as well.
Target children s decorThis cute embroidered bear pillow is a perfect match to the table, and the gold accessories (all from Target as well) just bring out the metallic legs.

Bear Pillow with Blue Paint dipped desk

They even have matching accessories for organizing.  I loved this little storage box! Blue and gold table and chairs

How to Paint with Devine Color by Valspar

First I needed to remove all the oil and crayon form the table and rough up the finish, so I sanded the entire surface of the table and chairs.
Sanding wooden chair for painting
Next I used a brush and roller for my first coat.  Since Devine Color by Valspar has primer already included I didn’t need a separate primer.  After the first layer was dry I used a paint sprayer to add a few more thin coats and give the set a nice even finish.  The Devine Color by Valspar performed perfectly in the spray gun. Painting with valspar devine color
Once the paint was dry I moved on to paint dipping the legs.  I use delicate surface painters tape (since the paint was fresh you want to be careful with tape.)Taping off legs for paint dippingNext I added a few coats of the shimmering Devine Metallic paint in Devine Penny. I loved the contrast between the copper and baby blue.
Painting Copper Dipped Chair Legs
This set is now perfect for the kids' room, a great place to play games, put together puzzles or do arts and crafts.
Copper dipped kids table and chairs
It is so easy to grab Devine Color during your next trip to Target and come home with the perfect solution to update your old kids' furniture.  Kids table paintedPlus it is affordable and the colors coordinate with many of Target's children's decor items.
Gold paint dipped table and chairs

Check out all the other Devine Color + Target options online and follow Devine Color on Instagram for more inspiration.
Childrens table with paint dipped legs

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