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You're Gonna Love It: Take Life By the Horns Edition

How is everyone doing?  Have you recovered from the holidays yet? Starting to get back in the groove?  My kids are finally back in school and so my schedule is finally starting to level out.. But you know how that goes.. It is always something!

This week I shared a few fun projects for 2015:

First my "Word Of The Year" was selected.  I am not sure I set the bar too high with this one, but hey.. We all do what we can do.
I show you my glittered book page heart garland (I'm hemming and hawing about what do with the rest of that mantel..)

And this awesome Life Cereal Pecan Toffee Bark (there isn't any left in my house.. it was eaten the day I made it!):

But let's get down to what you are here for.  This week's features!
Both of the links this week share a common theme: Tackling life's little problems head on.

The most popular link this week was: 
You Brew My Tea's Weight Watcher's Sesame Chicken Recipe
Just in time for your new year's resolutions.  This does look devine!  As someone who struggles with her weight (and I even was a weight watchers leader in my pre-kids days!) this post resonates with me.

My personal favorite this week was: 
Just Plain Marie's post debunking Head Lice Myths:
Maybe not the most glamourous subject matter.. but I know this has been a problem for lots of my mom friends and I loved all the advice Marie shared.  Lice can happen to anyone!

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Now for this week's link-up! 

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