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Welcome To My New Digs! Let Me Show You Around.

If you are getting this post via email, you are probably wondering what the heck I"m talking about.. but if you reading this either online or on your mobile device, this page should look quite a bit different.

After more than 5 years blogging with my old template, I made the leap and transitioned to a new format.   Hopefully things are little easier on the eyes!    I thought I would give you a quick side by side to show you how different things really are:

Look at all that white space!  And the posting area is almost TWICE as large!  No more crammed content in between all those ads.

Isn't that refreshing?

My old template didn't even have a mobile responsive layout (I've been using the default Google layout all this time.)  But look at it now:
It finally has my grouchy little sun!  It actually feels like my blog!

Now.. like any good DIY blogger, I want to give you a little 'home tour' of the new space, so you can find everything you need!

99.9% of my content is categorized in the drop down menu under my header.  I have been working on these galleries for a while, and have 'filed away' almost all of my past posts.  I do have a few more galleries I'd like to add (like one for Silhouette projects and one for birthday parties) but the vast majority of my content can be found in those menus.
If you haven't explored those tabs and you are a relatively new reader to blog, I would encourage you to look around. 

I have gathered up all my social media, email, inspiration sites, RSS readers, (blah blah blah) and put them in one spot.  I would love to have you join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Google+Hometalk or Houzz.  (Phew! Since we are goofing around on that many sites, it is amazing we find time to do anything..)
I do love interacting with my readers in a much more casual way in those forums, so if you are interested in my obsession with reality TV or iced coffee, that is the place to be.

I also have included links to read my blog in Bloglovin or Feedly and my email in case you need to get in touch with me. 

One other thing that will be of interest to any new blog readers is the "Featured Projects and Recipes" collections in the sidebar.  These are some of my most recently popular posts and I try to keep those features updated.

Finally, I did keep the blog archive and categories (they are much further down the page now), so you can browse the old fashioned way.  The search bar is also at the very bottom of the page since I know many people like to find specific topics.

Of course there is always the option of signing up to receive posts by email (either every time they are posted or only once a week.)   There is a form at the top of this page, or you can sign up here:

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This whole makeover couldn't be possible without my wonderful designer Elle Esse.  She is a blogger herself, and so she understands how important it is to have a blog design that you love and that does what you want it to.  She is launching a blog design business specializing in Blogger blogs (yes, I blog in Blogger and have no plans for Wordpress in my future..) and is currently recruiting new clients.  
She was wonderful to work with, and finally gave me the push I needed to actually jump in and convert to the new layout.  It took her less than a week (even with all my changes) to give me a full layout and she was even willing to install and troubleshoot it for me.  I highly recommend her if you blog on the Blogger platform and are looking for a total blog makeover (or even just a small refresh).  

You can contact Elle via the social media channels on her business page or directly via email.  

So, have a look around.. make yourself at home.  Feel free to put your feet up (or throw a load of laundry in the washer!) 

 I'm glad you are here!

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