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October in Review: Halloween and The One Room Challenge

This month was almost solely about two things.  Halloween and the baby's new nursery.  Now that both of them are almost over, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself.

A few Halloween-related projects were:

Thrift Store Scavanged Candy Corn Wreath:

Some quick and easy kids' crafts:

And of course, the girls' costumes:

The other thing I focused on this month was participating in the Calling it Home One Room Challenge for 4 weeks.

A few of the projects included:

Crackle Finishing Boat Oars:

And the Weekly Progress Posts:
Week 1: Inspriation (and testing paint colors):

Before the weather turns cold, I quickly installed my Pennington vertical garden in the back yard:

and lastly, I took a break to Attend BlogHerPRO and shared my thoughts here.

It was a VERY VERY successful and productive month, and I can't wait to share the final reveal of the nursery next week!

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