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If you are a subscriber to my RSS feed or read my posts on Bloglovin or Feedly, or get my posts via email,  it is possible you got a flurry of posts this weekend. (I tried to make sure they didn't go out, but I am not always 100% sure I know what I am doing!) That is because I am reorganizing around here to make things easier to find.

The biggest changes you will see are the new buttons on the left sidebar:
My Favorite Tutorials:

Featured Recipes:

If you didn't realize it before, all of those little buttons are clickable (even the ones in THIS post are clickable).  They all contain round ups of my favorite posts.  I also tried to go back and make sure I fixed up all the broken links.  If you are browsing and notice one, please feel free to comment or email and let me know. 
I'm really excited to introduce my Blogroll.  It is only a teenie fraction of the blogs that I read, and I am going to update it slowly.. but for now, I encourage you check out some other great blogs (and tell me if you think I am missing any other 'must reads'!)

I also have updated my home tour.  If you haven't ever visited that page, you should definitely go take a peek.

It contains all the before and afters of all the rooms in both my Boston and California houses.  You can see how far I have come and just how far I have to go.

Lastly, I wanted to point out that I have FINALLY joined Instagram and Google+.  I would love it if you followed me over there.  (You get to see cute pictures of my kids! *wink* wink*)

Or for the more traditional crowd, I am also on Facebook (my favorite!) Pinterest (my second favorite) and Twit-ah!  (Be warned.. I tweet about TV a lot.) Look me up!  I would really enjoy interacting with more of you personally.. Since often blogging feels like talking to myself!

And come back on Tuesday.  I am featuring a REALLY REALLY good recipe involving Bacon!  How can you go wrong?

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