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Help Me Pick Business Cards for HAVEN!

I am so excited that in about a month I will be attending my FIRST EVER Blog Conference.  I am officially a Haven Maven!
 Haven Conference 2013 
I would love to hear from anyone else who is planning on attending, since I won't know a soul! Hopefully that won't be a problem for long, and because every good blog conference newbie hopes to network with all their blog idols, I decided to order some business cards.

Luckily for me, there is Minted. They have a wonderful selection of custom business and calling cards.. so many in fact, I can't decide which one to pick!

I made a couple mock-ups and thought I would ask which ones my readers liked.  I even created a poll (another learning experience) so you can vote for your favorite(s) below:

 First up, I tweaked the I'm a Mom design.. and came up with this: 

 This design is called World Traveler. I like how easy it is to read all my contact info:

I liked this design a lot too (Ladylike) and switching between the three color ways was really simple.  Plus how cute is the back? 

My personal favorite is the No Job Too Small design:
You can't tell from the previous photo, but the back of the card is super fun (and still leaves room to write):
 One of the cool things you can do is add photos and logos to your cards for no extra money.  For example, on the No Job Too Small card I could put my logo on the back (although I do adore the little ruler!):
They do have designs where you can add your photo or logo to the front as well.  Like this Chevron one:

And this design is called playroom:

So which is your favorite?

This post was sponsored by Minted. I didn't receive any compensation for reviewing their products, however I was provided with complimentary business cards to use at Haven.

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