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Personalized Hershey Bar Owls

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Every year for the kids' birthdays we give away favors to the kids in their class. I am always looking for ideas for what to give away that isn't a little baggie full of cheap plastic junk from Oriental Trading.   When I came across the idea of a single personalized Hershey bar I knew I had found it, especially since I need to make 24 of them.  I have seen little snowmen and reindeer and santas but I needed something more generic since it was for a birthday favor and not for Christmas.
In this case I needed an entire parliament of owls (yes, parliament is the correct word for a group of owls.)

I saw on Pinterest that Katie at Stamping Steps was offering up this great free printable for an owl wrapper.  I downloaded it and edited it in Photoshop.  Her original sizing was a tad too small for me, so I stretched it out and changed the wording:

I then wrapped a single candy bar in the print out making sure to center the owl and leave enough room above the head to add a fleece hat.

Here are two examples of original print out and the stretched on.  You can see they would both be cute, but I wanted to eliminate the white space below the owl's feet. 

I cut a square of fabric about 6x6 and used school glue to turn up one edge for the brim of the hat:

Then I flipped it over and glued it to the top of the candy bar:

Wrap it around and secure it to the back.  It will be a long thin tube at this point:

I used a ribbon to tie the top of the hat with a bow:

Then snip the top of the hat into about 1/2 strips to make the fringe on the top:

And you have the finished product:

Super cute and affordable.  All the supplies cost around $10 for 25 bars. The key was finding the candy on sale (I got lucky and got them for 3/$1 at the drugstore) the only other supplies are the ribbon and small piece of fleece.

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