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I haven't been neglecting you

You may have not realized this, but I have been on vacation for the past 4 weeks! YES FOUR WEEKS!   For security reasons, I never blog about going out of town until after I get back so I'll be sure to catch you all up on my adventures in the future.

If you have commented or emailed, I promise I wasn't ignoring you.  I will definitely be going through my inbox and trying to catch up over the next few days.

You may not have noticed that I was absent, because I have been regularly posting. While I was away from home I wasn't sure I would be able to get to a computer so I scheduled about a dozen posts for while I was gone.  I was pretty stressed out about it actually.. since I needed to do double the projects in order to keep posting regularly and get ahead of the game.

What do all you other bloggers do when you aren't able to publish new posts?  Do you put your blog on hiatus?  Do you try to write posts ahead of time?  Do you insert filler?  Guest bloggers?  Re-post old material?  I am sure there are other options too!  What do you do?

Anyhow.. I am back now, and I hope to start up some new projects soon (well, once I catch up with the mountains of laundry I have!)

It is good to be back!

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