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May in Review: So close, yet so far..

Wait? What?  May is over?  When exactly did that happen?
Can't believe this month went to fast.. I have been a busy lady and am really really close to a lot of big reveals, but I just haven't gotten around to taking photos, or writing stuff up.

Seriously, I am planning on doing it soon.. really.  Honestly.  Hey, stop chuckling!

But even without those reveals, May was really jammed packed..  My most viewed posts this month were:
Turning white appliances into stainless steel:

Framing your plate glass mirror without miters:

Part of the garage transformation, which I am soooo close to finishing I can almost taste it!

Once again, this is a part of a larger project (my powder room makeover.)  I just haven't gotten around to posting it yet!

 Another half finished project (and I swear I have to finish it soon since the end of the school year is upon us) was my handprint teacher appreciation quilt which I have cut and assembled:

I also updated my horrific can lights, not a big project but one I am happy to be done with:
And I began prepping for the Patriotic summer season with my red, white and blue beans:
Lastly, I want to once again thank everyone who linked up in my first ever linky party (the DIY UFO Challenge):
 I am not sure I am going to host another party anytime in the near future, but it was sure fun to get my feet wet with someone other wonderful bloggers.  (I can't believe that was this past month.. it seems so long ago!)

That challenge got me motivated to finally install doors on my master bedroom, a project that has been a UFO since the day we moved in:

Whew? I did all that?!  In a month?! I wonder what June has in store!
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