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I'm on Facebook! (And other social networks too!)

I made the leap! 

Yes, the Money Pit is finally on Facebook.  I wanted a forum to communicate with my readers (and other bloggers) without all my personal statuses getting in the way.

But Facebook isn't the only other place you can find me!  I am also on Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest so feel free to follow me there too.
If you want to get my posts delivered you can subscribe via Google Friend Connect, through Linky Followers, or through an RSS feed (all in the right hand column).  I also have fixed the "subscribe by email" feature, so that should be working now! (Thanks for letting me know that wasn't working!)
Lastly, if you want to get in touch with me directly, please email me:
Kim [at] TheMoney-Pit.com

Feel free to post your Facebook URL, twitter handle or Pinterest ID in the comments since I am always looking for other people to Like/Follow!

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I recently removed Disqus comments and converted to the Facebook commenting system.
Thank you for your understanding.

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