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Love, Loss and Happily Ever After: A Lovey Adventure

What is true love?
What a complicated question to answer. There are so many ways of looking at it, so many ways of defining it.

Well, unless you are four, then it is easy:

True love is having someone who is by your side day or night, who is always willing to sit at your tea parties, accompany you to the playground and listen to you read Goodnight Moon 10,000 times. True love is patient, doesn't judge, and doesn't mind if you don't feel like sharing today.

True love allows you to tolerate the dirt, grime and stench from going unwashed for weeks at a time, and true love looks past the fact you are falling apart at the seams and have seen better days.

True love only sees the inner beauty, the comfort and joy of an old friend.

To the rest of the world, true love may be unrecognizable.. but when you are four true love is obvious:
True love is your lovey.

For E, true love has taken the form of "TigerKitty", an orange bean bag tabby cat that she has loved for as long as I can remember. My mother-in-law gave it to her when she was an infant and for whatever reason, she has bonded with it like no other toy. They are inseperable.

In fact TigerKitty is such a big part of our lives that I even had E professionally photographed holding it, since one day when she is all grown up I want to look back on those pictures of her and remember her exactly how she was.. and of course that includes TigerKitty clutched in her little arms.

Believe it or not, that ratty creature used to look like this:

So why am I writing about TigerKitty you ask? Well, because tonight a near tragedy struck our household. We almost lost TigerKitty.

After attending a house showing an hour and a half away from our apartment we decided to grab some dinner before heading home. We were all tired and cranky from the long ride up in rush hour traffic, the house showing and tracking down a place we all could agree on. Eventually we made it though and after our bellies were full with spareribs, steak and mac & cheese (I'll let you venture a guess on who ordered what) we hopped into the mini-van and headed home.

By the time we got home it was time to head to bed, so PJs went on, teeth were brushed and we settled into the bedtime story routine. It was only at this point when we realized that somethign was terribly wrong. TigerKitty was NOWHERE to be seen.

Hubs recalled seeing the little guy in E's arms at the house, but after that recollection was fuzzy. ThePrincess reassured us that she had brought TigerKitty back to the car but she was nowhere to be found. This only left us with a few possibilities: She was somewhere at the property or she was at the restaurant.

A frantic phone call, a plethora of tears, lots of prolonged silence, and then finally the good news: TigerKitty was safe. She had fallen down behind the booth which is where the lovely hostess at Applebees found her.


This did mean another 3 hour car ride back up though the city and home again for me, but in the end it was all worth it.

I was willing to do it in the name of true love and (hopefully) happily ever after:

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