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House-hunting we will go.. House-hunting we will go...

Yep, we are still at it. On the quest for the perfect house.
This marks the 2 month mark and we may as well have started tomorrow for as far as we have gotten.

At this point I am mostly attending open houses, since the market here is so hot, that the way it works is:
1) Listing added to market on Tuesday or Wednesday
2) Following Sunday is Open House
3) 50 people attend and multiple offers are put down
4) House is sold

(At least the decent houses have all gone this way.)

So, I have been dilligently attending open houses. Unfortanately we haven't gotten past the first half of Step 3. I am one of the 50 attendees but never one of the people making an offer.

All in all it has been pretty depressing. We have a pretty high budget (at least relative to what we sold our last house for) and don't have many requirements other than the house needs 3 bedrooms and must be inhabitable by humans.

So, here is what I looked at (IN PERSON) so far.

Budget/Bed/Bath/SqFt: Why it sucked
  1. 100%/3/1.5/1420: On a busy street, steep lot
  2. 95%/3/1/1660: Needed a new kitchen and baths (1940s)
  3. 94%/3/2/1728: No parking AT ALL, Climb 20 stairs to enter front door
  4. 114%/3/2/1937: Second bath was in basement, over budget
  5. 84%/3/1/1500: Water in basement, overlooked freeway
  6. 100%/4/2/1838: Top floor CONDO, lots of stairs, no garage, busy street
  7. 80%/3/2/2200: CONDO, in need of repairs, no garage, dining room converted to bedroom
  8. 80%/4/2/1867: Busy street, old duplex converted to single family (two kitchens, two living rooms)
  9. 105%3/1/1134: Distant location, small, over budget
  10. 82%/4/2.5/2055: Steep lot, lots of steep stairs, overlooked lumber yard
  11. 96%/2/1/1094: Not enough bedrooms, shared driveway, tiny
  12. 100%/3/2/1547: Needs repairs including new kitchen (1950s)
  13. 80%/3/1/2012: Foreclosure, in terrible shape, no garage
  14. 100%/3/1.5/1625: Dumpy, needs lots of work
  15. 72%/3/1/5/1450: Foreclosure, 1980s house, needs lots of work, shared steep driveway
  16. 105%/3/2/1400: Tiny living area, no garage, over budget
  17. 80%/3/2/2396: Square footage included basement, on busy highway, steep lot
  18. 97%/3/2/1417: Distant location, needs new kitchen (1930s), no garage
  19. 100%/3/2.5/1984: CONDO, busy street, overlooks cemetery on 2 sides
  20. 98%/4/2/1900: In disrepair, walk-through master, needs new kitchen/baths (1950s)
  21. 95%/3/2/1628: Business converted to house, weird layout, no garage, tiny kitchen
  22. 84%/3/2/1810: In bad shape, no garage, horrible bathroom in basement
  23. 82%/3/1.5/1490: Busy street, in disrepair, needs new kitchen/baths (1950s)
  24. 97%/3/2.5/1522: CONDO, 3-stories, tiny winding staircase, between school and grocery store
  25. 81%/3/1.5/1490: On busy street, steep lot, needs work
  26. 90%/3/3/1803: CONDO, in downtown area, no lot, no parking
  27. 77%3/1/1210: In terrible shape, bad neighborhood, no garage
There were a couple more, but if they were truly dreadful I didn't even record the information about them. All but about 4-5 of those are not currently under contract. (Mostly the ones which need major renovations.) I am not surprised since the open houses are always a mob scene. You never would have thought there was 'a recession' going on with the number of people house hunting around here.

It is all so daunting. This weekend I have 7 more on my list to check out. Hopefully we will just get lucky, although I fear that even if we find something we like, and want to buy, that we will end up competing with a bunch of other people who feel the same way. Yuck.

That is what I have up to.

I also have an update about the job search, but I'll save that for another day. Enough depressing news for now.

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