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Top 5 reasons my life is slightly shorter after today

1. ThePrincess has learned how to ride her bike at break-neck speeds but lacks the ability to stop, or even slow down. Tonite, this skill set resulted in her nearly decapitating herself on the open tailgate of pickup truck.

2. ThePeanut has discovered her ability to climb stairs. I almost went into cardiac arrest when I glanced over and saw her teetering on the fifth step. Our house is not (and will not be) baby proofed before we move, and so I can see this is going to be a problem.

3. I had a near breakdown today trying to parallel park my ginormous mini-van on the main drag (think bars/restaurants/lots of students on the street) of the University on a Saturday night. There is nothing worse then holding up traffic while you inch into a spot, all while listening t0 your back up alarm alternate on and off.

4. I will never again try to make it home on mere fumes because my kids are cranky. Here is a tip: When your 'low fuel' light has been on for a good 30 miles, you should stop and get gas. Don't put it off, no matter who much whining and crying you have to put up with.

5. If you have a large object (say a freezer or large shelving unit) which has been stored in your garage for years and years, you may want to prepare yourself for what you may find when you move it, since those critters haven't seen daylight in a long time, and they won't be happy when you let the sun shine in. And I don't mean:

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