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Three Days Until Departure

We are down to the final days. The movers come to take all of our crap away in three short days. It will be a full 7 days from now until our stuff arrives in our new apartment, and then the rubber hits the road. I have to start making some tough decisions. It is at that point I have to decide who I want to follow up with for in person interviews and who I want to dismiss or if I want to blow off the job search entirely. That is starting to be within the realm of possibility.

I will confess that I am beginning to find my stride with this whole "Stay at home mom who is stuck with her kids 24/7" thing. There are so many aspects that are different about it, things I never realized and didn't expect. I have a lot of thoughts on the whole debate about which is harder: SAHM or WOHM and I *must* share them, but I really want to take some time and focus on that post to make sure I can get my point across just so, therefore I will save that for another night.

As for the big move, I guess I am ready. I am going to make one final trip into lab to say goodbye. I am also having a few last hurrahs with my local friends. Friends that go back a good long time. Friends I have memories of playing beer pong with and staying out way too late with laughing our asses off at the boys from Thunder from Down Under. It is strange thinking that these are the last of my friends who will have known me BK (before kids). Anyone I meet in our new city, will only know me as a mom.

And the friends I have made here since having kids are equally special. They have given me support when I needed it, laughter when I needed it and a kick in the ass when I needed it. It seems so scary and foreign to have to do this on my own, since I can't remember what it is like to be a mom without them.

Hopefully I can hold myself together as I watch all our stuff get loaded onto those trucks. I am trying to block out all those thoughts about leaving my friends and support network, avoiding the memories that this is the home where my children were born, the place they took their first steps and said their first words. It is the place they unknowingly hugged their nana goodbye for the last time, right there, on that front doorstep. There are so many memories here, so much I don't want to forget. And I know I am leaving a little part of me, and them, behind.

I guess that is par for the course. This will be our third move in 10 years, but it only feels like it is getting harder.

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