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Moving Update: Welcome to Purgatory! Enjoy your stay.

Yes, that is what I would call it. Purgatory, the in-between, limbo. We haven't yet arrived in our new city, but we are no longer living in our house. Instead we are staying with my parents until our crap arrives at our rental apartment.

To add some fun to the adventure, our moving truck broke down before they had a chance to load it. The result was that we actually didn't get to leave our house until late into the night (while they finished loading our stuff onto a rental truck) which was lovely with two kids and no toys, no furniture, no TV, no nothing. This also means that our new delivery date is 3 days later than originally scheduled. Yay.

Therefore I think that Purgatory is exactly the way I would describe where we are right now. I can't decide exactly which location is Heaven and which is Hell however. That still remains to be seen, since we may have just jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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