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Saturday Suckitude

Today sucked on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin. Let me make a list:

1) Realtor calls last night, says "Definite offer on the house will be coming in tomorrow. Wait by the phone."
Today: NO CALL. No offer. Thanks for that false hope.

2) Had a showing this afternoon (number 23 for those of you keeping score) and the feedback is that they love the house, but the bedrooms are too small. Another waste of a showing (and BTW buyer: The freakin' dimensions of the bedrooms are listed on the MLS so don't waste my time if you know you need rooms of X size!)

3) While killing time during the aforementioned pointless showing, our car dies. Yep. Just sputters to a stop in the McDonald's drive thru and won't turn over. Dead car is now sitting in the parking lot waiting for our service shop to open on monday so I can have it towed. It isn't something simple like the battery, it is something wrong with the fuel intake. Great. Just great.

4) We have an Open House tomorrow, but LabDad has a big experiment, and we are down to one car (as described in suckitude number 3). Wonderful. Looks like we will be either dropping him off so we can have the car, or walking around the neighborhood in circles in order to not be home for the open house.

5) Found out our relocation company will only store our crapola for 30 days. There is no way we will be able to find, buy and close on a house in 30 days. The selection is just too scarce. Looks like we are going to be sucking up a HUGE storage bill or else having our crap delivered and pay for an intertown move. Yay! Add that to the huge stack of bills. Lovely.

Anyhow.. I am glad this whole day is coming to an end. Sunday has to be better. Maybe our open house will change our luck! Fingers crossed.

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